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    Want to Sell two brand new sealed Kingston HyperX 3K 480 GB Upgrade Kit

    Kingston HyperX 3K 480 GB Upgrade Kit SATA III 2.5-Inch 6.0 Gb/s Solid State Drive SH103S3B/480G Bundle kit includes:, HyperX SSD, Hard drive cloning software and installation guide CD, 2.5" SATA Enclosure with accompanying USB-to-mini-USB Cable, Serial ATA data cable, Brackets w/screws for...
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    Want to Sell BNIB Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 and Logitech Illuminated Keyboard wired k800

    both items are brand new in box, sealed never open Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 $70 Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710: Amazon.ca: Electronics Logitech Illuminated Keyboard wired k800 $65...
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    Want to Sell Monster Rad, Cases. Hot Swap Bays, Fans, caselabs, keyboard

    bought the pc from op, no original package, but the system is as described and runs perfectly. easy transaction as well. by the way, if the harddrives are still available, i would like to buy one of them, let me know. thanks.
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    Z68 V pro and 2500k

    it's 2500k, not 2700k. the board is z68, not z77. price is around $200 fair for this combo imo. 2600k/2700k would be around $250.
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    Want to Sell GTX770 sold

    i am kind of interested in the system. where r u located? and how much would be it for the system shipped to toronto? thanks
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    Want to Sell sold

    sold, thanks
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    HDD price to remain high until 2014

    going to SSD, they're falling, recently got a vertex 3 120 gb for $75 (retail) and a 240gb for $150 (kijiji)
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    [Micro center]3570k $190 USD

    very good price, especially with bundle purchase. too bad, won't be able to pick one up, help anyone?
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    Want to Sell 590 hydro copper, 980x, 12GB, UD9, SSDs, 2 pumps, 2 rads on and on..SOLD

    this is killer deals!!! can easily do $2500 as someone mentioned, so couple hundreds shipping cost is not a problem:)
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    advise needed: Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3

    I bought the mobo finally. I have the motherboard for a about a week, oc'ed and tested my cpu at 4.5ghz with prime95 for over 12hours and stayed under 80C for the first two hours, and then mostly around 70 c. don't have any problem with it right now, it has almost everything I want and they're...
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    if you're in toronto, go to markam warehouse location. some open boxes there. I was there yesterday, I think I saw a define r3 for $40 (not sure), and haf 932 for $60 (for sure)and some others that I didn't pay any attention.
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    my first build after ten years

    tried 4.5ghz today. only changed multiples and load line. auto level 1 level 2 5 tests IBT (max with 8 threads) failed passed H vcore, did 2 tests and stopped IBT (very high with auto) passed passed...
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    my first build after ten years

    thank you for the info. I might give it a try at 4.5:) quite stale now at 4.2 and no really need higher clock atm
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    my first build after ten years

    thank you for the answer first. the temps I am getting right now is after the push-pull setup. if I were using the stock fan only for eco r120, I am getting high 60 to low 70 for prime95, and 78 C for IBT (max wtih 8 thread). that is why I am asking if I need to reseat the cooler. back to...

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