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  1. J

    BSOD when ejecting cd drive! PLEASE HELP!!

    Everytime I eject the cd drive I get a BSOD and sometimes I will get another BSOD on the Vista loading screen during the reboot. Here is the error code: 0x0000007e (0xffffffffc0000005,0xfffff8000205e251, 0xfffff98000e4d3a8,0xfffff98000e4cd80) I am running Vista ult 64 Q9550 Asus Striker...
  2. J

    GTX 275 Sticker ???

    I got a really good deal on an EVGA GTX275, but it was open box and for some reason some ****head attempted to peel off the sticker on the card resulting in the card looking like dilapidated piece of crap. Being that I have a clear case and I've spent all sorts of time making it look pretty...
  3. J

    Dx9- DX10

    I'm running XP pro sp2 and I just got dx10 working with the help of technospot.com, my question is I had already installed all of my games when I was using DX9, not that i've upgraded to dx10 will I have to reinstall my games to take advantage of dx10 or will the game just detect it and use the...
  4. J

    best heatsink for Q9550

    n00b to oc'ing and i'm looking to oc my Q9550 to the 4.0ghz range. can anyone reccomend the best aftermarket h.s please How much better is w.c over air? thanks
  5. J

    Calling Ottawa?

    where you at? Any lan partys in Ottawa?
  6. J

    oc'ing q9550

    if I'm just running on the stock heatsink how far can I push my Q9550? running striker II extreme 2x gtx260 in SLi 4gb corsair xms3 1066 Thanks
  7. J


    Hi, Just got my system up and running, first build and first SLi machine. I installed Xp with a single GTX260 and once I was done installing I shutdown, added the second card, SLi bridge and restarted. the instructions claim that in the NviDia control centre there is an option for initiating...
  8. J

    ddr3 2gb kit for $59?????

    I'm trying to build a halfway decent machine but also not looking to break the bank. I won't be doing any oc'ing for now. Can anyone tell me if this memory is half decent? it's HALF price at a local retailer!!! Here's my current setup/ Q9550 Asus Striker II extreme 2x GTX260's in SLi 2x...
  9. J

    striker II extreme

    I have an Asus Striker II extreme and I read that it has dual lan ports so that if one port gets tied up during a transfer it will utilize the second? so does this mean I would just plug 2 cables into my router and thats how it works? is their any real advantage with this capability or is it...
  10. J

    QC vs i7

    can anyone please explain the major advantage of core i7 vs q/c ? I'm nearly done my build and with all the talk of i7 i'm almost considering selling what I've got now and moving to i7 currently running striker II extreme w/ q9550 and 3x gtx260 thanks!
  11. J

    Want to Trade Ft hp tx1420ca laptop

    Ft hp tx1420ca laptop $600$600$600*EDIT, NOW COMES W BATT+PSU bump price drop to $600 and thats it, any less and i'd rather burn it **********************EDIT, LAPTOP NOW INCLUDES OEM BATTERY + OEM POWER SUPPLY. ALL COMES IN ORIGINAL BOX************PRICE DROP 650 PRICE DROP 650 PRICE DROP...
  12. J

    2x GTX260 vs. 4870x2

    I currently have 2x EVGA GTX260 in SLi, but I was considering selling the 260's and getting a single 4870X2 and when the prices drop possibly a second. which is the better setup? I have an Asus striker II extreme board and Q9550 1000w corsair modular psu, setup is 99.9% gaming
  13. J

    Please reccomend ram for new build

    Hey! I'm missing the final 2 pieces to my new build, the ram and cpu. Heres what I have so far and I'm hoping someone can reccomend some good DDR3 ram! Antec 1200 case Asus striker II extreme 790i 2x EVGA GTX260 in SLi Corsair 1000w modular psu raptor 10k 150gb hdd supreme fxII s/c I will...
  14. J

    Want to Buy Q9550 DDR3 Memory

    Looking for a Q9550, and some nice DDR3 1600 memory. Can pay EMT, let me know what you've got and how much. Thanks
  15. J

    Safe to turn on

    I just bought a mobo off a guy used and im quite paranoid it may be doa, so heres my question: I currently have the mobo in the case connected to the psu and the hard drive with both video cards hooked up in SLI and all of the fans wired up, but no cpu or memory installed. would it be safe...
  16. J

    Wiring up case

    I have an Antec 1200 and it has about 10 trillion fans. my question is the fans are 4 pin connectors and it seems they are stackable, so can I stack 4 or 5 of them together and connect them to one of my 4 pin psu connnectors or does each one require a seperate connection to the psu? thanks

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