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  1. RainMaker

    Tomahawk B350 - Ez Dedug code(s)

    My daughter's machine will not boot, there are no beeps from the mobo but all the fans are working and I can hear the power in the various drives. The EZ Debug LED stops at the CPU light, but then, at the same time it flashes off and the VGA and BOOT lights flash on. This sequence repeats...
  2. RainMaker

    Noise issue? Or normal?

    Just finished a new build (first one in mnay years) and everything is working great...I think/hope. Except I am wondering if its makes too much, or the wrong kind of noise. Here is the build: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x 3.6GHz Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite Motherboard EVGA SuperNova 650G1+ Gold PSU MSI...
  3. RainMaker

    New build thoughts, especially on the video card?

    1. What YOUR PC will be used for. Gaming (but not super serious, I just like to have fun), web browsing, Illustrator, Photoshop, spreadsheets. 2. What YOUR budget is: -$800 - $1000 (inlcuding tax) 3. What country -Canada 4. IF YOU have a brand preference. -I'm partial to NVidia...
  4. RainMaker

    Adding new RAM - timings to match

    Thanks in advance for the help folks! I am thinking of adding some more RAM to my system. I understand that I should, if at all possible, get the same speed (e.g. PC2-6400) but what about the timings? Is it necessary to match them as well? I am not overclocking or anything like that, just...
  5. RainMaker

    Thermal Pad vs. Thermal paste?

    Maybe this is the wrong forum, but I am looking for help trying to decide what to do. I've had to replace the CPU fan on my in-laws machine and when removing it noticed the heatsink was VERY loose and sloppy so I took it off too and figured I'd just put it back on with some new thermal paste...
  6. RainMaker

    Advice on new HTPC build

    Hello folks, I’m looking to (finally) get a 1080p LCD TV, probably in the 40” – 42” variety. To support this I’m also thinking of building an HTPC, but I’m not sure I understand everything. To put it simply: can I take my cable directly from the wall into an HTPC? I’m not interested in a...
  7. RainMaker

    GPU dying? Or ????

    So, I have made no changes to my system and now, suddenly, I can only get about ten minutes of game play (on a variety of games) then the game and/or system locks up. Sometimes I can 'Alt-Tab' to the desktop and sometimes not. If I can switch to another app it seems to run fine. Sometimes...
  8. RainMaker

    Buying Games

    Hello folks, I am in the Calgary area and looking for a good place to buy PC games. By "good" I mean having a decent selection, not just the same half a dozen. A good on-line site would be fine too, used would also be good. I'm behind the curve most of the time (cheap too) and thus am...
  9. RainMaker

    Outlook from multiple machines

    Hi folks, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, I just couldn't settle on one that seemed perfect though. Anyway, I want to use the same Outlook Calendar on my laptop and desktop at home. I do not use Outlook for email, just the Calendar and Contacts. I think I could have them both use...
  10. RainMaker

    Wallpaper changer?

    Okay maybe its a bit cheesy but I am looking for a decent wallpaper changer for my Vista machine. I have too many (damn you Deviantart.com) backgrounds I like them to switch them too often to do it manually...and I'm too lazy. Anybody know of a decent program? ~RainMaker
  11. RainMaker

    Basic system

    1. This sucker is for my mother-in-law and she will use it for internet/email and photo editing. Not hardcore manipulation but touch-ups, croping, etc, etc. She does however ue Photoshop to accomplish this. (I know like cutting a sandwhich with a tablesaw, but it's what she knows.) 2. Tight...
  12. RainMaker

    General Information for my Edukation!

    Hi folks, I am looking to buy a new monitor for my PC and maybe a new TV. However, I am a total noob and am looking for good tutorial or article on WTF all the crap means. What makes one 24" better than another 24"? What's the big difference between LCD and Plasma? Refresh rates? Contrast...
  13. RainMaker

    About to start

    So all the parts for my new build have arrived and I am about to embark on my FIRST build. Any pointers? Do you think I need a heatsink? If so any recommendations? •ANTEC - Sonata III Quiet Super Mini Tower w/ EarthWatts 500W, eSATA •Intel - Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E5200 2.50 GHz w/ 2MB...
  14. RainMaker

    XP? Vista? 32bit? 64bit? 7?

    So, I am going to be building a new system here pretty quick and I got to thinking about what OS to run. I was thinking of just staying with XP, but then I wondered about new games needing Vista? So I have some questions I hope to start some educational discussion. Should I go with Vista, or...
  15. RainMaker

    Lookin' for a place to start...

    Hello there! Thanks in advance. 1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing. surfing "light" gaming (I'm too cheap to buy the new titles, so it'll be the old ones that are finally on sale! :biggrin:) downloading watching videos photo editing video...
  16. RainMaker

    Diagnosing dying video card?

    Hello folks! Been checking the site out for a while to my enjoyment but now I have a problem and am finally posting. Anyway, I think my video card might be on its last legs. Is there any way I can test it? Or any signs I am correct? Thanks, RainMaker

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