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    Is it the motherboard that's broke?

    Let me walk you through what's going on. 1) Computer has trouble booting, so we just wouldn't shut it off as sometimes it'd fail to start and just reboot itself before windows loaded. 2) One day it decided to just say screw it and rebooted itself (like hardware reboot) and got stuck in an...
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    buying advice to fix my h220 loop

    My H220 pump has been dead for almost a year now and I really need to get around to fixing it. I have 3/8 inner dia tubing and I'm wondering if I can just buy this pump and throw it in: https://www.dazmode.com/store/product/dazmode_storm_ddc_3_25_18w_pump/ Any idea if it'll work with the h220...
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    EVGA 780 Classified - single slot water cooled

    EK water block on a "slightly" modified 780 to make it a single slot GPU (true single slot). Would there be much interest (i.e. hard to move) and what might it be worth. Thanks guys!
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    Someone in Calgary have 4x screws for mounting my SSD?

    SSD didn't come with screws, this is for a laptop, I have no extra screws. Anyone in Calgary want to hook me up if we can find a convenient way to meet up?
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    Windows 10 problems ONLY on SSD

    So I got my laptop with windows 10 on a hybrid HDD (I think 8 or 10GB SSD cache + 500GB disk). I was having audio issues but after messing around with the audio drivers for a while I fixed that. Well, got a Samsung EVO 850 SSD (250GB) and used their software to clone the install to the SSD...
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    AHCI PCIe m.2 SSD?

    What should I be aware of with getting a m.2 SSD running AHCI (was thinking of getting 4x PCIe)? My laptop does not support NVMe according to Eurocom, so I'm stuck running AHCI mode (Does NMVe drives work on AHCI backwards?). How will I know if I'll have boot problems with the drive, etc?
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    Can you change the default install location (program files)

    I wanted to look into making a small partition for installing windows and then install everything else on a different partition to make potential recovery/failures an easy thing to get through. Is there any way to get windows to move the default install location (i.e. how you can move your "my...
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    Parts or combo i7-2600k build

    i7-2600k (very low use) Asus Maximus V Gene (very low use) 2x8GB G.Skill DDR3 (Too lazy to find the exact model/speeds) (very low use) Corsair H100 AOI (moderate use) Really old and not so good SSD 60GB or something? No plans to sell the case or the PSU. My preference is to sell the mobo + CPU...
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    Wanting a new laptop....

    So, $1500-1800 price range, what are some suggestions for laptops that can handle gaming (just needs to do games like Starcraft II well enough) while having very good build quality and are still portable. For reference, I'm using the 13" mbp and the size is amazing for me. I don't mind going...
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    Canadian campaign - the missing question

    With the federal election campaign officially on track, what is something you feel is blatantly missing from the discussion? For example, one area I am frustrated to see is the complete and utter lack of discussion around the pandering of corporate interests and loss of democracy for "free...
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    Replacement for Swiftech H220? *UPDATED*

    I have a H220 loop with a GPU block added inside of a Bitfenix prodigy M but my block is failing! Due to it being a discontinued product, I can only get a store credit from NCIX for RMA. Update: So, I didn't get around to the RMA right away, but now I have to again. My thoughts after all...
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    Eclipse: new dawn for the galaxy

    Just found a way to play this board game online multiplayer (real time). Has anyone else had the fun of trying out this addictive board game?
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    SSD read/write speed very poor?

    Any thoughts on if I can fix this or not? Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB. These scores are pathetic compared to on reviews. This is my main boot drive.
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    performance issues

    Been noticing a fair bit of stutter or poor performance over the last month or two (especially playing games in windowed mode). Has been a long time since I've optimized my computer so looking for some tips. So far I've run CCleaner, freed up some SSD space, my nVidia drivers I keep up to date...
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    Fan/case design and airflow? Cool

    SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd. The effect of airflow direction and air channeling inside computer chassis One of many cool articles on their website! I just stumbled across this stuff on SilverStone's website and it's pretty damn interesting.
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    Rate this mITX case idea (3D model)

    Looking for: 1) Would you buy this case or do you like the design 2) What price would you pay (for what materials?) 3) What do you think of the size for a mITX case that supports all these features? - Installed water cooling and dimensions (above) - Air cooled with up to 6 HDDs installed +...
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    Do you care if mITX case supports 160mm PSU?

    Just curious with the case talk if people even care about having the option to install a 160mm PSU or if they're fine with the SFX as the only option. I haven't seen more than two PSUs you can buy from the major e-tailors in the SFX category, where going with 160mm opens up more options (heck...
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    Purchasing a subwoofer

    I have the Asus Xonar Essence STX for connections and currently use A5+ speakers. Now, I'm not sold on the Audioengine S8 as a lot of people online rag on them for being over-priced vs competition for the sound. What's a good sale price for the S8 and what are some alternative options that...
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    Transferring "loyal" account cellphone

    I've been thinking about leaving rogers due to the lack of network coverage that I occasionally encounter in the areas I work and visit. I don't have a crazy 6GB/$30 kind of plan, but I do have an account in good standing 7+ years and get some perks with loyalty/customer service (I have never...
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    500GB range, is MX100 still king $?

    Is there anything that beats or comes within $20-30 of the MX100 512GB but offers better 'quality?' Nobody knows of a reason for there to be a price shakeup in the next 2 months?

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