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  1. Cowboy

    Want to Buy Found! Thank you HWC

    Found! Thank you!
  2. Cowboy

    Want to Sell All sold! Thank you fellow Hardware Canucks!

    Hello HWC community, For sale is a Gigabyte AORUS RX 580 4GB GDDR5 VRAM version in very good condition, basically dust-free, and never overclocked or mined on, and thus it is working perfectly. It comes with the original box, in an anti-static bag, and everything that it came with when it was...
  3. Cowboy

    Want to Buy Nothing for now!

    Got what I needed! Thanks all!
  4. Cowboy

    Want to Sell Dell XPS 15 (Base Model) - Broken/For Parts/AS-IS/No Warranty

    Hello all, I have in my possession a Dell XPS 15 (Base model - i3 processor) which suffered a motherboard failure. Since the warranty expired, Dell refuses to fix it, so I am listing the parts I have left for sale. Prices are as specified below, but all prices are OBO. Combo discounts apply for...
  5. Cowboy

    Want to Sell Nothing for now

    Thanks for looking!
  6. Cowboy

    Want to Buy Nothing for now :) Thank you

    FOUND - Thanks
  7. Cowboy

    Want to Sell ASUS PRIME b250m-a SOLD

    SOLD. Thanks for looking
  8. Cowboy

    Want to Sell Intel Pentium G4400 SOLD

    Sold. Thanks for looking
  9. Cowboy

    Want to Buy Old-ish computer hardware

    Hello everyone, I’ve got an 8-year old nephew who’s shown an interest in computers (and games like minecraft) and as a fun little project, wanted to buy some old-ish hardware for him and help him put together his first computer. Mind you, I don’t want current hardware, just older stuff...
  10. Cowboy

    Price check on ASUS G53SX

    Looking to sell, but I don't know what to list it for. exact specs here (from purchase site) some highlights: Quad-core i7 @ 2.0ghz 8gb of ram 2gb nvidia gtx 560m 2gb 640gb hdd (thinking about adding an SSD to the bundle) blu-ray drive 15.6" FHD 1920x1080 screen box + manuals + recovery...
  11. Cowboy

    Want to Sell ASUS UL30VT-A1 -SOLD

    Selling a like new, 1 year old ASUS UL30VT-A1, looking for a quick sale so the price is SOLD. Shipping is available inside of Canada ONLY. DOES NOT COME WITH HARD DRIVE (Price is reduced to reflect this) Full SPECS: Product Features 1.3GHz Intel SU7300 Core 2 Duo Processor (Can be OC'ed...
  12. Cowboy

    Price check?

    Got a 9/10 condition ASUS UL30V with no hard drive What do you think is a fair selling price?
  13. Cowboy


    Can anyone PM the details of how to get on HWC IRC channel. I just found out we had one :bleh:
  14. Cowboy

    Want to Sell Price drop!! Gigabyte H55N-USB3 ITX LGA156-now $80

    Gigabyte H55N-USB3 M-ITX Mobo (socket lga 1156) - $OLD -Accepts 2 sticks of ddr3 ram -1 pci-e 2.0 x16 link -6 usb ports (1 esata, 2 USB 3.0) -8 channel HD audio, spdif output, and full audio over HDMI... perfect for HTPC -Discount when purchased with RAM or H50 more specs: Newegg.ca - GIGABYTE...
  15. Cowboy

    Give me the lowdown on Sandy-Bridge

    So I know basically what it is (2nd gen i7's etc..) but what does it MEAN? What does it add to the table that makes it so awesome? I've heard that some boards can Overclock, but others can't... Which ones do, and how do I tell? I've also heard that some boards support switchable graphics, but...
  16. Cowboy

    Want to Buy 30gb+ SSD for a laptop

    Hey guys! Back in the market for an SSD, and my budget is a little more flexible this time so let me know what you've got! Thanks.:thumb:
  17. Cowboy

    560Ti Owners!!! 3dmark06 scores

    Hey all, Just ran a 3dmark06 bench on my 560Ti and got a score of around 18k... Is this normal? What are you guys getting? (list your CPU too, mine was run on an i3-530 @3.5ghz)
  18. Cowboy

    Is 300w enough for my setup? Should I be worried?

    Running a m-ITX rig with a mildly OC'ed i3-530 and a GTX 560Ti from ASUS ("Superclocked") on a 300w Silverstone SFX PSU (80+ bronze certified) Is it enough? Do I have some more room for OC?
  19. Cowboy

    Looking for an upgrade for i3-530

    So, ladies and gentlemen of the HWC community... I ask of you... What would be a reasonable upgrade for my current i3-530? I don't do much overclocking, and I would like to only upgrade the CPU, any suggestions on best bang/buck? I hear there's an i5-760 swimming around for the same price as an...
  20. Cowboy

    Want to Buy cheapest ssd possible

    nothing fancy, just needs to be big enough for an install of windows (so 16-32gb is fine) Let me know what you have

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