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    Want to Sell 970 Pro 512GB SSD, Aphacool Isblock XPX

    only watercooling stuff remains!
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    Want to Sell 970 Pro 512GB SSD, Aphacool Isblock XPX

    https://www.corsair.com/ca/en/Memory-Size/Tested-Speed/vengeance-led-configurator/p/CMU32GX4M2C3000C15 Yes prism comes with it Lost love of pc building
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    Want to Sell 970 Pro 512GB SSD, Aphacool Isblock XPX

    970 pro 512gb $200 Alphacool Eisblock XPX plexi block (am4 and intel socks) asking $40
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    Bitcoin mining, how do I?

    same, works like a charm
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    Silent Rig Cheap?

    Definitely get a streacom
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    AMD Vega GPU Features

    Really now? Might have to bust out the old minimg farm again
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    CES 2017: ZOTAC Announces GeForce GTX 1080 Mini & External Graphics Dock

    The dock is interesting, i don't think tb is fast enough yet though. Maybe once the next gen comes
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    Log R - Where Art and the Latest Technology Meet

    Looks like a mac with two cutting boards glued to the sides
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    Asking price for older LGA1150 gaming PC

    Maybe 400?
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    Anyone deal with iTel for fibre or PRI?

    Been really disappointed with shaw recently, constant outages and poor performance. They are nice about monthly daya limits which is nice though
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    Ram Upgrade Slow Post

    There should be an option in the UEFI to turn off ram error checking which will reduce the time of boot but obviously reduces reliability
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    Canadian RMA Experience

    Had really bad rma experience with Asus recently. Took almost almost two months to get my motherboard back.

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