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  1. sa seba

    FX8350 + Asus Crosshair V + 16GB Gskill 1600MHz

    I am thinking of moving up to a Ryzen build soonish, and to offset that cost, I might sell my current CPU, MB and RAM. What would this be worth? Thanks!
  2. sa seba

    Time to switch to Win 10?

    So, the time is coming up for a fresh OS re-install. The question I am asking myself now is whether to use my Win 7 copy for that, spend a few days downloading and installing updates before anything else, or do the switch to Win 10 already. I am looking forward to a few games coming out next...
  3. sa seba

    Want to Buy 750 ti or equivalent Radeon for small case

    I am looking for a 750 ti either in low profile or just close to reference size, or an equivalent card from either red or green camp. I was thinking of 100 CAD. cheers
  4. sa seba

    Kaveri Dual Graphics or dedicated GPU?

    About a year ago, I build a nice little HTPC, with the following components: - A8-7800 - 8 GB 2133 MHz Ram - Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI The A8-7600 has quite a capable iGPU for it's 65 Watt envelope, but I would like to build up on that, without increasing power consumption, and fitting in my...
  5. sa seba

    Getting nuts here

    So, I was trying to build myself a nice little htpc: Fractal Node 304 AMD A8-7600 GA-F2A88XN-WIFI 8GB Gskill 1600 Thermaltake 600W PSU 250GB Evo Temporarily installed DVD drive for windows install What's happening is that this thing freezes up constantly, requiring hard reset. Screen stays on...
  6. sa seba

    TV Dilemma

    So, my GF and me are moving in together and it's time to buy a TV with a budget of CAD 1000. Now, I researched a bunch of devices and ended up at the LG 49UB8200 and the Samsung UN50HU7000. Both are basically about 50", 4K resolution, no bells and whistles really. Does anyone have experience...
  7. sa seba

    Want to Sell All Sold

    I have got a few things to get rid of before moving to a new place: - Sapphire OC 7950 (this is actually the review model from HWC) - CAD 120 - Sold - AMD X2 250 in box with heat sink- CAD 20 - Sold - MSI 7950 Twin Frozr - CAD 120 - Sold - XFX4980 with Accelero TwinTurbo Pro installed - CAD 25...
  8. sa seba

    2 x 7950's and a 4890

    I am thinking of selling my: - Sapphire 7950 OC - MSI 7950 Twin Frozr 3 - XFX 4890 (Accelero Twinturbo Pro installed) I was thinking CAD 150 for each 7950 and CAD 50 for the 4890. Plus shipping. What do you guys think? BTW, these cards have been running in my systems without error. The...
  9. sa seba

    USB/Optical DAC or Soundcard?

    Now that I have nice speakers (A5+ and AS8) I want to feed them a proper signal that improves upon what comes out of the integrated chip on the Crosshair V. This is mainly for Hifi experience and I won't be needing more than left/right and possibly sub outputs So far I have been looking at the...
  10. sa seba

    Corsair Force 60GB, Force 3 120GB

    I wondering what these 2 would fetch me? They have been in use for close to 2 years (the 60GB) and 1 year (120GB). Nothing to complain about but I wanted a faster single drive plus a bit more storage space and ended up getting a 256GB 840 pro. Thanks guys!
  11. sa seba

    Want to Sell SOLD - Edifier S330D with original cables and acc

    This 2.1 system must unfortunately go. They have been replaced by a pair of A5+. The edifiers have done a great job and it's sad to see them go but here we are. 90 CAD + shipping. I prefer EMT or Cash. Thanks for looking! ;) --------------- Sold: - 1055T - Corsair Force 60GB - Edifier S330D...
  12. sa seba

    Edifier S330D, AMD 1055T

    I am thinking of selling this two month old 2.1 system and my old and proven 1055T. The edifier set comes with all the original cables and whatnot and the 1055T comes with the stock heatsink. Any idea of a reasonable price? The edifiers are 180 CAD list price but often on sale around 150 CAD...
  13. sa seba

    Want to Sell XFX 6950 2GB Reference Design - SOLD

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on the 7950 Sapphire review card from HWC and now it's time to recuperate some of the money spent on that beauty, hence I am selling off my XFX 6950 2GB Reference Design. The lifetime warranty can be transferred. It comes with a crossfire bridge. I am asking...
  14. sa seba

    XFX 6950 2GB Reference

    I am thinking of selling my XFX 6950 2GB Reference Card, including everything it came with. The warranty will be transferable. It is running stock Bios. Any idea about pricing?
  15. sa seba

    Thinking of buying a 60GB SSD

    Hi, So, I have been contemplating buying a ssd for a while now, but was never really serious about it. Well, now I am. Looking at reviews and price listings, I am rather confused about some of the products and can't seem to make up my mind. Anyway, the ssd will be used as OS drive (windows 7...
  16. sa seba

    Want to Buy Google Nexus One with Rogers/Fido 3G Band

    Title says all ;-) I am in Vancouver in case local pickup is possible. Thanx Guys Sebastian
  17. sa seba

    XFX Radeon HD 4890 XT 1GB & Corsair TX750W for 299 CAD

    I like where this is going: NCIX.com - Buy NCIX Gaming Bundle Deal XFX Radeon HD 4890 XT 1GB PCIe Video Card & Corsair TX750W Power Supply - 4890-750W In Canada.