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    Want to Sell 1080ti boxing week special.

    $600 - $500 sold evga founders edition
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    vega 56 strix $300

    vega 56 strix $300
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    node 202 cooling

    thats what im thinking. nothing is "quick" with the node 202 though thats why i figured i would ask if anyone has tried it. :P
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    node 202 cooling

    sorry thats what i meant. i was referring to the 120mm fans in the gpu area. i have 2 noctua nf-p12 1700rpm which have static pressure of 2.83 so the gap shouldn't be an issue. no exhaust has me a little worried.
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    node 202 cooling

    quick question, has anyone ever tried putting one gpu fan as intake and the other as exhaust in the node 202? i have a gtx 1070 strix. just trying to plan out the best cooling config.
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    Want to Sell 6700k $335 OBO 2200G SOLD

    do you have any actual temp or voltage comparisons?
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    ASUS P8Z68-V Pro + 2500K + 24GB Ram

    i just purchased a 3770k, z77 board and 32gb of ram for $300 on rfd so i would say a max of $200 for this.
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    Want to Sell Super Famicom games

    is the psu sold? i dont see a price
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    Want to Buy Gigabyte Aivia Osmium

    need one in working order please. let me know if you have one kicking around.
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    Want to Buy Super cheap gaming rig

    from where i come from a gaming computer is as good as getting her a ring. 2 months salary minimum lol.
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    Want to Sell Sold

    what, no asus strix 580s? :P first of many mining fire sales hopefully.
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    Asus Aura Help Please.

    ugh. never mind. speaker output was set to stereo. setting it back to 7.1 goes right back to where i was before.
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    Asus Aura Help Please.

    changing the sample rate of the output to default seems to have fixed the colour tone issue but the strips are still completely different. originally i had the sample rate set to 24bit and 192khz because thats the highest my amp will support, honestly though i have no idea what affect this has...
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    Asus Aura Help Please.

    hdmi from video card and optical (toslink) from motherboard give the same result. selecting the output isnt the issue. the sound is working and the leds follow the signal just fine in either setup, the colour is just not what i expected.
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    Asus Aura Help Please.

    right now its basically not rgb when the music effect is enabled and the fact both strips have a different colour tone. im gonna try a phanteks kit and see what happens.
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    Asus Aura Help Please.

    i dont think you understand my problem.
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    Asus Aura Help Please.

    running toslink from my motherboard doesnt make a dfference. does it have to be analog??
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    Possible hard disk problems

    how long has he had the 1070? could be a driver conflict maybe. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html try that first. easiest way to rule out the hard drive is just try another one.

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