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    Want to Sell 1080ti boxing week special.

    $600 - $500 sold evga founders edition
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    node 202 cooling

    quick question, has anyone ever tried putting one gpu fan as intake and the other as exhaust in the node 202? i have a gtx 1070 strix. just trying to plan out the best cooling config.
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    Want to Buy Gigabyte Aivia Osmium

    need one in working order please. let me know if you have one kicking around.
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    Asus Aura Help Please.

    i have an asus hero alpha and i bought some cheapish rgb strips from ebay. both seem to work fine until i enable the music effect. one strip basically strobes blue and the other one is mostly green and neither seem to cycle through the colours as i expected them to. it just seems they dont match...
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    Want to Buy PSU and DDR4

    I need a used psu just for bench testing and some ram. let me know what you have please.
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    Want to Buy i7 needed

    im looking for an i7 for the 1155 chipset. 2600k, 2700k, 3770k, e3-1245, e3-1275,
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    HELP Hyperx Fury 1866

    http://www.ncix.com/detail/kingston-hyperxfury-memory-white-16gb-19-95981-1288.htm I need a ram expert. I am trying to run these on a gigabyte ga-z68xp-ud4 and not having very much luck running them at their intended speed. i know it doesnt matter yadda yadda yadda, i still want it. :bleh...
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    Help please!!!

    I just replaced all my case fans with 140 bitfenix spectres and my stock h80 fans as well with 120 pwm spectres. Everything was great before i tore it down cept it was loud, hence the reason for changing the fans. Anyway, turned it back on and got bsod. Booted into bios and my cpu is idling at...
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    Want to Buy Z77 Mobo

    just hoping to get a little more out of my 2600k. please let me know what you have.
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    Want to Buy GTX 970 or 290x

    looking for a gtx 970 or 290x. lmk what you got. i also have a 2600k to trade towards it. Ill post pictures once i get everything apart.
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    need some help picking a NAS. I dont want the best money can buy but i dont wanna cheap out either. opinions?
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    I need a new gaming keyboard.

    Upgrading from a wave... I would like to get a nice mechanical keyboard with LED backlighting. Budget is about $130. What are your suggestions?
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    Want to Buy Mid-High End Laptop

    just show me whats out there. :P
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    Want to Buy need a new video card

    will trade my 1gb 6870 plus cash for something a little more powerful.
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    Want to Buy High End Universal Remote

    New only please. Needs to control 6+ devices. Backlit would be nice.
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    Price Check 1gb XFX 6870

    whats it worth?
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    Want to Sell ALL SOLD

    SOLD OUT -sold Athlon Phenom II X3 710. not sure if its unlockable or not. does not come with a heatsink. $45 i5 2500k brand new, used for a week. $200>$190 corsair a50 cpu heatsink bnib. sold locally 8gb (2x4gb) kingston 1600 1.65v ddr3. $35 asus p8z68-v. $95
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    Silverstone Fortress FT02B-W Owners

    anyone own this case? looking for personal experiences with it and if it is worth the dough.
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    anyone tried this?

    Buy Intel [BXRTS2011LC] Intel RTS2011LC CPU Liquid Cooling System 150MM Radiator 120MM 74CFM 35DBA LGA2011 LGA1155 1156 1366 also is it just intel branded or did they make this themselves?
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    *****PRICE CHECK***** i5, x68, 8gb ram *****PRICE CHECK*****

    *****PRICE CHECK**********PRICE CHECK**********PRICE CHECK**********PRICE CHECK***** 2500k brand new out of box, used for a week. p8z68-v motherboard, couple weeks old 8gb kingston hyperx genesis khx1600c9d3k2 *****PRICE CHECK**********PRICE CHECK**********PRICE CHECK**********PRICE...

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