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    i7 7700K

    I have a BNIB i7 7700K. I'd like to know what a good price shipped would be for it? I saw on RFD someone selling one for $350 sans shipping, but it was a couple of months ago. I thought $350 shipped would be fair, but perhaps it's a shade too high?
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    Want to Buy GTX 1050 Ti models with power plug

    Hi all Anyone want to sell me perfect condition GTX 1050 Ti cards? Stipulation is that they MUST have a PCIe power plug as I am using dual 200 W PSUs for motherboard and video card. The motherboard PSU alone will not power the card well enough, so I need to supplement the power with a second...
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    Looking for v. quiet CPU cooler recommendations

    Hi all I've been building systems with passive heatpipe/radiator fins on the case for cooling recently. My next experimental build will be using a full ATX case that needs an air cooler for the CPU (Streacom F12C). It'll likely be an 8700K, with no overclocking. The most important property this...
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    Case Mod Need to make a custom plate to cover PSU housing hole in case

    Hi all I'm looking for a metalworking service that could make a bespoke 3-4mm thick aluminium plate to cover the opening for a PSU in an ATX case. My future build will use one, maybe two external PSUs, and I need some special sized holes in the plate for hifi grade audio output connectors. The...
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    Want to Buy i5 8600K to i7 8700K plus very specific other stuff

    Hi all 1) I'm looking for an i5 8600K up to an i7 8700K. I'm in Montreal, so would need a local deal or shipping from elsewhere. Let me know what you have and how much. 2) Also need a Gigabyte Z370N Wifi. It MUST be that model motherboard, and NOTHING ELSE will do, so I can save you the...
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    Fitbrit's feedback thread

    I've done many deals here, so about time to create a feedback thread
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    How can system builders get inexpensive Win 10?

    Hi all I run a high-end, low volume, media computer company, specialising in audiophile music playback. Buying retail Windows 10 is a large expense. I've become a Microsoft partner, but getting any useful information is ridiculously difficult, or at least has been for me. We put Windows 10 Pro...
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    Looking for a mobo under $300 with the following specs

    This is what I need, and I was wondering whether any of you fine folks know of some such board: Intel 7th generation i5 or i7 compatible Z270 or anything with SGX and HDMI 2.0 ALC1220 audio codec, with a SPDIF header on the motherboard The Gigabyte Gaming 8 and 9 do satisfy these...
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    I think I am missing something.

    I've been a member here for almost 2 years. I mostly hang out in the BST, where I have accumulated a perfect 7/7 100% trading rating. I post occasionally too. For some reason, my post count has been stuck at 1 all this time. In my stats, one can see my entire posting history - it's not huge...
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    Not sure where to post a help wanted ad

    A US based audiophile computer company is moving to Montreal, and I need to hire someone to do some serious case modification and, possibly, assembly of the high-end computers. Not sure where I should post my ad on HWC. BST, perhaps, since I want to trade cash for services?

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