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  1. stoanee

    Are you ready for this Alberta?

    Welcome to Alberta! I like the Brewster in Oliver area for good eats, they only serve their beer but they have some good ones. Check out Mercer Tavern downtown, they have an awesome Mac n' cheese. Whyte Avenue area has a fair amount of pubs and a day trip to Calgary is always fun they have lots...
  2. stoanee

    The "What book are you reading" Thread

    Operation Medusa, I'm into war stories, especially Canadian ones.
  3. stoanee

    Leduc for a young family? Other Areas?

    St. Albert is nice and finished well in Money Magazines best places to live in Canada a while back. Beaumont is nice too. Anywhere west of Rogers place is having a resurgance due to the Brewery district redevelopement. Ottewell, Capilano, Holyrood and Bonnie Doon areas are worth a look as well.
  4. stoanee

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Good luck with that! I too am more than ready to leave the oilpatch. A few of the fellas I work with have gone east and love it.
  5. stoanee

    How often do you guys clean your computers?

    We are supposed to clean them?:doh:
  6. stoanee

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    Walking War Robots----Android
  7. stoanee

    Go Oilers Go!

    Lol....it hurts to be an Oiler fan.......:censored:
  8. stoanee

    Basic rules for fixing things !

    -there is no such thing as a "10 minute fix" -Budget at least twice as much time as you think you will need to fix things -If you get frustrated, just put things down, have a beer and rethink your approach
  9. stoanee

    11th annual folding contest at Anandtech !!

    Unfortunately I am out of town for a bit and my rig will have to shut down as soon as the last wu is finished. :sad:
  10. stoanee

    Tootin my own horn !

    Old farts it be! Winter is folding time!
  11. stoanee

    11th annual folding contest at Anandtech !!

    In! Darn, I forget most of this...hope I don't burn up gpu....:doh: 5416 right? oops, 54196....:thumb:
  12. stoanee

    Ok , what's the deal ?

    Too much hardware got switched around, did not have desire to keep up to optimize folding. Also, work out of town, can't monitor rigs and when I get home I have stuff to do! I do not sit around computer much any more, maybe when I retire......... sooo...what is the hot setup...
  13. stoanee

    Go Oilers Go!

    Frikken eh! :thumb: There is light at the end of the long, looong tunnel.
  14. stoanee

    The Official Food Thread

    Ham and cheese pinwheels! :bananafunky:So good!
  15. stoanee

    The Official Food Thread

    Chicken Shawarma...mmmmmm
  16. stoanee

    Rants etc.....

    This should be in rant section! I feel for ya though, I have one big toe that just seems to be sore especially around the edges of the toenail. Probably has something to do with the fact I ran a skilsaw over it when I was a young man. 😕
  17. stoanee

    Microsoft announces Windows 10

    Yup, tried everything I could find on the interweb, no go. Install failed 15 times so far...do I get a cookie for stubbornness? :biggrin:
  18. stoanee

    Microsoft announces Windows 10

    I keep forcing download and install and it keeps failing...at least it feels like I am doing something. :haha: Maybe someone at MS will say "just give him the damn upgrade!" :thumb: Every time I download it gets bigger, I am at 13,562mb now :shok:
  19. stoanee

    Is this BS

    Received email on work addy this morn: Unfortunately your account has been closed and the cheque you gave us has not cleared. Send a certified cheque immediately to listed email address to prevent penalty...yada...yada

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