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  1. stoanee

    Price check ASUS GTX780 DirectCU II OC - EVGA GTX760 Superclocked - Corsair HX850

    As stated in title, some guidance please and tank you. :biggrin:
  2. stoanee

    Best PDF creator/editor

    Have been creating training sessions at work by incorporating new content with previous sessions from different divisions. Our stuff is in word and pdf and I would like to copy pdf into word while preserving as much of the original formatting as possible. I was considering adobe but the reviews...
  3. stoanee

    EVGA GTX760 SC

    Price check on Evga GTX760 SC please, also has 2 year over the counter warranty at MemX as well.
  4. stoanee

    Good KVM switch?

    Looking for a good KVM switch, must be dvi. I have no clue on who makes a good one and many buyers reviews indicate that they are not happy with their purchase. Are there any known good ones for less than $150.00?
  5. stoanee

    New ssd kaput?

    Trying to install a new adata ssd as an OS drive but having nothing but grief. I cannot access it to clean it or use it in any way. I can see it in disc management but cannot do a damn thing with it. Any advice before I rma?
  6. stoanee

    Cannot leave feedback!

    Made a new BST thread but the problem persists, cannot leave feedback! Same message every time! :blarg:
  7. stoanee

    Want to Sell Double post

    Please check my other sale thread.
  8. stoanee

    Premature weapon ejaculation

    Having trouble with my gaming laptop & random weapon firing playing CS:S. I bought and am using a new Cooler Master Sentinal Advance 2 to replace my last mouse and the problem persists. Trying different usb ports as well as changing sensitivity does not cure the problem. This is really...
  9. stoanee

    Connecting to Steam servers

    Trying to connect to Steam after not using it for ages but it will not let me. I am on power line networking, will that be a problem? I will go try my lappy on wireless to see if it can connect but it is not really gaming capable. Any tips? *edit* cannot connect with lappy either............:blarg:
  10. stoanee

    Ram detection

    Hookay, I need advice on ram detection. Which is the proper method of detection? When I fire up my RIVE, the bios says all the ram (GSkill 16gb x 2133mhz) is there, cpuZ sees it all but says it is in triple channel and task manager only sees 12 out of 16gb. What do I believe? I had GSkill Ares...
  11. stoanee

    Secure erase ssd

    I am trying to erase my Intel 520 ssd so I can sell it. I have it installed in my Stormtrooper x-dock but I keep having to reboot for the computer to see it. When I try the Intel toolbox it says I have partitions so it will not erase it. I went into disk management and made it into one volume...
  12. stoanee

    What to believe? Bios-CpuZ-Task manager?

    This isn't really troubleshooting but, I have 16gb ram installed (4x4gb) and it shows properly in bios & Cpuz. When I go into task manager>performance it always shows 12gb. WTF? I am using Win7 pro And have just changed from 1600 to 2133 mhz ram. The 1600 ram also showed as 12gb. Should I be...
  13. stoanee

    Corsair H100i mini review

    I picked up a Corsair H100i to replace my Noctua NH-D14 with the intention of gaining easier access to my motherboard. I also was hoping to reduce temperatures while folding but, if I could match the Noctua temps, I would be happy. The H100i has included the SP120L fans & the link cable that in...
  14. stoanee

    Good satellite finder

    It has come to my attention that all satellite finders have not been created equal. The one I borrowed has very low sensitivity making it hard to fine tune. Before I go out to replace it does anyone have any recommendations? I am using Shaw Direct. Thanks.
  15. stoanee

    Support Hardware Canucks Movember team!!

    Anybody participating? Maybe a HWC team? Eldonko was ramrodding a team last year but I do not see a mention of it. Team created! Link is below, join & grow!! :punk: Movember Canada - Get Contact list
  16. stoanee

    Folding with SSD only

    Is there any downside to folding with an ssd only in the system? I hear that it may degrade the ssd rather quickly.
  17. stoanee

    RMA thread?

    Where is it? Just spent 10 mins looking for it......:blarg: *NVW...found it.....:doh:)
  18. stoanee

    Intel Desktop Roadmap: i7-3970K Coming in Q4, i7-4900 in Q3 2013

    Details out, looks good for LGA2011 users. :thumb: Intel Desktop Roadmap: i7-3970K Coming in Q4, i7-4900 in Q3 2013 - Bright Side Of News*
  19. stoanee

    Want to Buy WTB 3930K-No longer needed

    Pm me if you are looking to sell one off, looks like mine died. *edit* No longer needed
  20. stoanee

    HookBag, anyone ever shop there?

    Like the title says, anyone ever shop there? They have some good prices plus free shipping on some items I am interested in.

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