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  1. lechumbl

    All my SMP's are hanging now

    Hi all, On my three folding rigs, for the last several days, my SMPs are hanging, according to HFM.net. I restart them and they hang again. The SMPs on my two desktops are 6097 and 6098. On my laptop it is 7507. Anybody else seeing this? Take care, and thanx in advance.............
  2. lechumbl

    Problem with Asus X58 Mobo

    Hi all, My X58 is supposed to run triple channel memory, which I have installed. It will not run in either slot 2 in the 3 channel config. I run CPUID, and it shows the memory running dual channel. That would account for the triple not running correctly. Is there a setting in BIOS or...
  3. lechumbl

    Major Drop in PPD

    Hi all, I went from 102k PPD to 69k PPD in the last week. :angry2: I have made no hardware or software changes. Anybody else experiencing this or is it just me? Take care......
  4. lechumbl

    Possible New System Config

    Hi all, Since I have been laid up with my new knee, my mind tends to get me in trouble more often then not. I hope this question has not been beaten to death too much, but I did not take the time to research it, sorry in advance. I am formulating a new [email protected] system and need some advice/help on...
  5. lechumbl

    Been Quiet For A While

    Hi all, As most of you know, I had my left knee replaced April 15th, 2010. Well, On February 10th, I had my right knee replaced. I just got out of the hospital, and have had better days. At least, I was able to keep my folders at work, so PPD was OK. Take care..............
  6. lechumbl

    65 Hour Power Outage

    Hi all, Thursday morning at 7:30 PST we lost power and it did not come back until midnight on Saturday. We had 18 inches of snow, followed by 1/2 inch of ice that took out power, landlines, and even my cell was out. I had three trees fall across my driveway, and of course, my chain saw would...
  7. lechumbl

    Hey Zink

    Hi bud, You just unstomped my stomp for later in the week.:rofl: Take care, and thanx for the thrill I almost had. :haha: PS: Just kiddin', great job and congrats!!
  8. lechumbl

    Another Team Milestone

    Hi all, :thumb: We now have over 1 million completed Work Units as a team! :thumb: Congrats to all for the outstanding contribution! :clap: Take care.............
  9. lechumbl

    Power Out

    Hi all, I leave from Seattle area to Portland area for 2 days of Thanksgiving festivities, and as soon as I get on the road, we have a power outage at the house, and my PPD drops to 0 for 2 days. Gotta love it. Am back and starting over, life is good. :thumb: Take care...........
  10. lechumbl

    Downloaded 6.41

    Hi all, I did a rather silly thing. Normally, when I download a new release, I keep the old for a while, in case I need to go back to it. This time I did not. I am very unhappy with the new 6.41 install, my PPD had dropped significantly with the new release. :angry2: I was not able to find...
  11. lechumbl

    Asus Sabertooth 990FX Issues

    Hi all, I specifically bought the 990FX because it was supposed to handle 1866 memory, with AM3+ CPU, I have the AMD FX 8150. According to manufacturer, I have the correct 1866 memory for the mobo, but it will not operate over 1366 on memory. Is there a switch on the mobo that I need to...
  12. lechumbl

    New Toys

    Hi all, Well, since this applies to new memory, mobo and CPU, I am putting it here. I bought and just received my FX 8150, 8 Core Black Edition CPU, Asus Sabertooth 990X mobo, and 16 GB PC3-15000 memory. Unfortunately, I cannot put it together until tomorrow. Damn hard to have new toys and...
  13. lechumbl

    New Memory Price

    Hi all, Just bought this memory at Newegg: Patriot Viper Xtreme 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 15000) Desktop Memory Model PXD38G1866ELK. The 16 GB I bought was listed for $165.98 USD, but with 40 dollar instant savings and a $20.00 mail in rebate, it came to 105.98. Not too...
  14. lechumbl

    Haven't Quit

    Hi all, I have not quit folding, but it has been a trying 8 days. All of the sudden my smp clients have stopped completing. I have had 4 units of about 68k go most of the way to finished, then stop, and download a new unit. This morn, I had one get to 99%, before it died. My O/C has not...
  15. lechumbl

    eBay Resolution Center SUCKS!!

    Hi all, I put my Asus Sabertooth X58 on eBay for a 3 day sale. I specifically stated, "No international sales, PO Boxes or APOs, sorry" in the item description. I checked on the top bidder and the kumquat is in Spain. I sent him an email, stating I do not sell or send internationally, as in...
  16. lechumbl

    O/C Difference

    Hi all, I have an O/C question or two. When I run my 6 core Xeon (3066 stock MHz) at 3720 MHz or at 3912 MHz, there is so little difference in the time for frames in [email protected] There is only a few seconds difference, yet at the higher clock, the heat and the damage to the CPU and the system in...
  17. lechumbl

    Asus P6T Deluxe

    Hi all, Well my replacement mobo finally arrived on Wednesday. Since it is a new board, I tend to sneak up on the O/Cing slowly. My 6 core Xeon is a 3066 MHz CPU stock. I have now O/C'd it 28% to 3912 MHz (24X at 163 fsb). I will play a little more, but just about as high as I want to go for...
  18. lechumbl

    Mr prokaryote 100

    Hi Dan, Way To Fold Congrats on breaking into the top 100. Way To Fold You be kickin' some booty!! :punk: Take care, and again, Congrats!!...........
  19. lechumbl


    Hi all, Last night, Colorado had a 5.5 earthquake, and Virginia just had a 5.9 earthquake. If you don't hear from me, hope for the best. :rofl: Take care........
  20. lechumbl

    Broke into top 100

    Hi all, Since becoming a folder here on July 25th, I have made it into the top 100 and counting. Unfortunately, my main folder mobo went out last week and had to wait for 5 days for a replacement. Now, I am back to full strength, so can go back to my full points a day. Plus, I got my 6 core...