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  1. vagnaar

    Want to Sell delete please

    nothing for sale right now.
  2. vagnaar

    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Review (Comment Thread)

    Where can you buy this in Canada? I've searched online but can only find it on the Nvidia site with almost $40 shipping :(
  3. vagnaar

    Want to Sell Headset, Liquid CPU Cooler, & IK Multimedia Gear (Updated 11/16)

    still have the Silverstone short cables?
  4. vagnaar

    Want to Sell SOLD

    sold thanks
  5. vagnaar

    Want to Sell Single stagee phase change unit

    Do the GTX 780 Ti's have the original cooler too, or just the water block?
  6. vagnaar

    Kijiji Intel Retail Edge deals?

    I got mine for about $150 shipped and duty fees from this years deal
  7. vagnaar

    From desktop to Laptop...

    ITX is the way to go! I'm all about it :D i'll plug my website here real quick, i think its a pretty good resource for small gaming rigs Compact Gamer ? Small Form Factor Gaming I built a rig in the EVGA Hadron and it's the best decision I ever made!
  8. vagnaar

    Top Gaming Laptops under $1K

    Here is round 2! Best Gaming Laptops Under 1K Best gaming laptops under 1k round 2 Check it out :D
  9. vagnaar

    Top Gaming Laptops under $1K

    I will be making a new list of under $1000 game able laptops in the next few days. Thanks for all the input you guys! I really appreciate it :D
  10. vagnaar

    Everything we know about the Alienware Alpha SteamBox

    I'm super excited for these SteamBox machines to start coming out! I love the small form factor gaming machines. check out the Alienware Alpha. i3/4gb/500gb/nvidia maxwell graphics $549 starting price Everything We know about the Alienware Alpha Steambox
  11. vagnaar

    The price hike of our big mobile carriers

    I've had the same plan from Bell since 2009. I got it when I got the Palm Pre the day it came out. "Smart 60 text 36m" is what is is called. It's $60 a month and I get 450 local minutes, unlimited text message (no picture message), unlimited "Internet and Email" which so far has been any kind of...
  12. vagnaar

    MSI Gaming all in one AG270 is pretty awesome

    Yea, I thought it was strange there was so much empty space. A second 880M would have been nice and a second fan. I like my Dell U2711 which is why I would want 2560x1440.
  13. vagnaar

    MSI Gaming all in one AG270 is pretty awesome

    Check out the MSI AG270 If only it was 2560x1440 I would buy one for sure! It has an i7 and a GTX 880M with 8GB of graphics memory. I didn't even know you could get 8GB on a mobile card! MSI Brings Beastly 27" All-in-one Gaming PC to Market
  14. vagnaar

    Top Gaming Laptops under $1K

    How is the v7? i'm thinking about picking one up for school. How is the battery life?
  15. vagnaar

    Top Gaming Laptops under $1K

    Thanks guys! Any feedback you can give would be awesome. :D
  16. vagnaar

    Top Gaming Laptops under $1K

    The whole point was to be able to play games and still be cheap. But all of those graphics cards are better than integrated and for some people just being able to play them at low settings is good enough. Thanks for the input though!
  17. vagnaar

    Top Gaming Laptops under $1K

    Hey guys! Long time no post! I recently made a little tech website and I just compiled a really nice list of a whole bunch of laptops you can play games on under $1000 i would love it if you guys could take a look and tell me what you think of my site and also the list :D Best Gaming Laptops...
  18. vagnaar

    Want to Buy Sony Vaio P

    Hey everyone! I'm really interested in a Vaio P 8" laptop If anyone has one please message me with specs and we can talk a deal :D BONUS if its the Neon Green one
  19. vagnaar

    mITX build Coolermaster Elite 120

    To answer everyones questions haha It is overclocked to 3.9GHz since you can up the multi a bit. I wanted to put it under liquid but i dont want to remove the front drive bay because i do have 2 HDDs in there. Oh well, the case was free I just wanted to play with mITX. I think i may get a FT03...
  20. vagnaar

    mITX build Coolermaster Elite 120

    There is a 120mm in the very front and then one after the drive cage. Also a small 70ishmm fan on the side I ran furmark and intelburntest at the same time both at max settings for an hour and the cpu got pretty hot. like 89c-92c and the gpu was at around 79c-85c but i cant imagine the cpu will...

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