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    Two APs, same SSID

    Just got a new house and the only place Bell could install their wi-fi router was in the corner room in the basement without doing a big tear up or having me rent an extra TV box in a room I didn't need it. So on the top floor in rooms on the opposite side of the house the signal was pretty slow...
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    New CPU/Mobo for gaming - on the cheap

    So my Core i7 860 is finally starting to bite the dust. System lockups and freezes coming from CPU errors. Basically I'm looking to keep most of the gear I already have and replace the CPU and Mobo with newer parts for as little money as possible without degrading gaming performance. All I...
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    Looking for new keybord - typing and some gaming

    I'm looking for a new keyboard to replace my Logitech G15. Basically I want to get something smaller as I don't use the screen, macros, and all that extra stuff on the G15. I also don't want bright LEDs or a backlit keyboard, at least have the option to disable backlight on keyboard itself so it...
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    Upgrade current system for current games

    I'm looking at upgrading my current system in order to run some of the newer games. This is my current system: Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-E Pro Processor: Intel Core i7 860 w/ Cooler Master Hyper 212+ Memory: 4GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600 SSD: Intel X25-M G2 80GB HDD: WD Black 1TB PSU: Corsair...
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    Quiet card for 1080p

    I'm looking to upgrade my card. I currently have a 5850 that I find a little loud and I want something as quite as possible. I'm going to be getting a 1080p monitor soon, so if I could get something quite and capable of 1080p gaming I would be happy. I'm leaning towards a Nvidia option as I'd...
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    Best way to get a cheap MAC

    So I work in IT support, but I've never really used a MAC before outside of some physics labs in University. I'm starting to get more and more house calls reguarding MAC computers, and I'm also seeing a lot more job adds saying familiarity with MAC computers is a requirement. So I'm looking to...
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    Can you move a recovery partition onto a new hard drive?

    Someone gave me a Toshiba laptop that has a failed hard drive to fix for them. They will need a new hard drive, but they don't have an actual Windows CD and just have a recovery CD and a recovery partition on the hard drive. The Windows Key on the bottom of the laptop is for Windows Vista Home...
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    Need a new subwoofer for home theater

    Just got a new receiver that needs an active subwoofer (my old one is passive). Going to run out tomorrow and pick one up. Any suggestions on brands or models?
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    Ethernet port problems

    Got a Lenovo R61 here. Installed Windows XP 32 bit and starting installing drivers. Ethernet in device manager is giving "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". Uninstalled and reinstalled the drive various times without sucess. Reinstalling XP again now for a last hope. Anything else I should...
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    Super Meat Boy

    Anyone else get this game? I've been interested in it for a while and picked up the PC version. I played it for a bit yesterday. Only got to world 2 so far and I love it. Using a 360 controller. I love the replays. There's something mesmerizing about watching all of your failed attempts run...
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    Plasma HDTV for gaming?

    How are plasmas for gaming these days? I know burn in on more recient models has been solved enough to be a non-issue, but other then that how are they? I have a 32 inch Samsung LCD right now and gaming looks pretty horrible on it. Horrible blur and the picture quality itself is just rotten...
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    Best way to learn French

    The company I work for is based out of Montreal and a learning some french would really help. Does anyone have some suggestions on the best was to start? I did some in grade school but I hardly remember that. Basically starting fresh.
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    Netflix Canada

    Any of you guys trying it out? I'm going to give the free month a run and see if I think it's worth the $8 a month. Seems like there's a lot of stuff I want to watch not up there yet. I'm guessing it's lagging behind what Netflix US offers. I've only tried streaming a couple of movies on my...
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    Batman: Arkham City

    So a sequel for Arkham Asylum has been announced and it's coming out next year. While we don't know a whole lot about it, there is a cool secret in Arkham Asylum that hints at Arkham City. I finished this game 5 times and searched every area multiple times, and I still never saw this secret. If...
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    What companies for TV, internet, and home phone?

    I'm moving out this weekend, so I've been looking at all the different companies like Bell, Rogers, etc. I've had my cell phone with Bell for years and last time I moved out I got internet and home phone with Bell (but it was the only option in the building I was in). I'd rather deal with just...
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    Any good cheaper mATX + PSU combos?

    Looking to get a smaller case for a mATX build that doesn't need much power. Trying to keep the cost as low as possible, while still being decent. PSU doesn't have to be anything huge, just need to power a 7600GT and an E5300. I have a case and PSU that I might use, but I doubt the PSUs...
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    Cheap Hackintosh

    I'm looking at building a Hackintosh for as cheap as possible. I have some stuff that I can already use, and if it will all work I just need a CPU and mobo. Probably some used LGA775 stuff. It will only be used to mess around with OSX. I will not be using it in any demanding matter whatsoever...
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    Fan speed controller

    So I just started screwing around with speedfan and some bios settings to get my PC quiet. The only thing is my case has 4 fans and my motherboard only has 3 fan connectors, so I plugged one straight into the PSU. Because of this the 4th fan is always running at 100% and making a fair bit of...
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    Xbox 360 controller doesn't work in

    I have a wired 360 controller and it doesn't work in my front USB ports. Works fine in the rear ones. External hard drives and such work in the front ports as well, just the controller that doesn't. I switch the controller from 360 to PC pretty often, so using it on the front ports would be...
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    Sound card for music and games (headphones and 2.1)

    I'm looking to get a high end sound card. I mostly care about my FLAC music collection that I've never really given justice to. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get some HD 555s and an Essence STX, and listen to most of my music all over again. If it's deciend for games in stereo then that's good...

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