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  1. G777

    Recommendations for coffee lake OC

    Hey HWC overclockers! Been away from computers in general for a few years and looking to get back into overclocking for some fun. Pretty much settled on an i9 9900K to play with but looking for recommendations for a board and memory. Only considerations are overclockability and budget to a...
  2. G777

    Want to Sell Single stagee phase change unit

    Time to clear out some gear:punk: Prices do not include shipping, emt preferred. Not looking for any trades atm. All parts tested and working, will guarantee against DOA for two days after receipt. 1- Evga 780ti with Xspc waterblock - $OLD Traded for from another member, sitting idle for...
  3. G777

    Price check 2011 parts

    Looking for opinions on fair pricing for the following: 3960X- purchased retail at launch Asus Rampage IV Gene -bought used locally 2 kits of 8GB(2x4GB) 2400 C10 TridentX-retail Thanks!
  4. G777

    Want to Sell Gigabyte Z87X-OC (pending)

    Like new, just received rma board from Gigabyte. I do have all the accessories it came with. Awesome overclocking board, only selling because now I have two:) Price $150 + shipping Thanks for looking! Item sold pending payment:bananafunky:
  5. G777

    Want to Sell sold

    Up for sale two Koolance blocks for the reference 290X These waterblocks are only two months old, run with distilled water and are in great shape. Price:$75 per block plus shipping Emt preferred - sold locally
  6. G777

    Want to Sell All Sold

    Time to clear out some gear:punk: Prices do not include shipping, emt preferred. All parts tested and working, will guarantee against DOA for two days after receipt. Swiftech MCW82 Universal gpu block In perfect condition, never used Price-Sold Corsair Dominator ram 3x2gb 8-8-8-24 1600mhz...
  7. G777

    Price check: Titan & waterblock

    Hey Guys, Might sell off my Asus Titan with koolance block locally. Good clocking card, has worked flawlessly. What's a decent price?
  8. G777

    Want to Sell 3960X For Sale [Price Drop]

    Two of Intel's top of the line processors up for grabs, need funds for new gear:) Like new 3960X only used to test working $750>$700>$650 shipped Lightly used 3770K, three months old SOLD to stylesj PM any questions, thanks for looking:biggrin:
  9. G777

    Want to Buy MSI X79 board & 7970

    Just on the off chance there's some high-end gear sitting in a closet somewhere... Must be MSI, prefer Big Bang XPower II and a R7970 Lightning if possible. Please pm pricing shipped to V3E 3J7 Thanks!
  10. G777

    Update for 3DMark released [HWBOT]

    A tad late for our Ice Storm contest, but for those still running the old version: Source
  11. G777

    Any opinions on Samsung 51" plasma?

    My Dad needs a new TV, and so far has picked out the PN51F5500 It's available locally for a little under $900. I know very little about tv's, just want to check it's a decent buy. -Room is well shaded -3D is not a big deal -would like to stream movies etc. wirelessly to the set -Preferred...
  12. G777

    Intel Haswell Overclocking Fully Disclosed [HWBOT]

    Massman's take on IDF2013 Intel Haswell Overclocking Fully Disclosed - Theory For Core i7 4770K!
  13. G777

    New Nvidia 314.22 Driver released

    Available for download here: NVIDIA DRIVERS 314.22WHQL
  14. G777

    New 3DMark11 World Record 4XGTX Titan [HWBOT]

    Andre Yang smashes the 3dMark11 performance record with LN2, four Titans, and some serious soldering skills! Source
  15. G777

    Price check: Koolance GTX 680 blocks

    Hi all, what's a reasonable price for good condition Koolance GTX 680 blocks? I'll have two to sell if my cards go locally without them. Thanks!
  16. G777

    Want to Buy Pci-e to 8 pin eps adapter cable<FOUND>

    Just throwing it out there in case someone has one lying around. Ncix hasn't has stock for months, so thought I'd try here... Like this
  17. G777

    Primochill sysprep: Worth trying?

    Hey all, planning on redoing the tubing in my loop and purchased 10' of primochill's advanced LRT tubing. To my surprise it came with a small bottle of something called 'sysprep', intended to be used to help clean your loop while flushing. Anyone here have any experience with this product...
  18. G777


    BNIB warranty replacement Amd FM2 cpu. Probably will sell since I don't need it, and don't have a board for it anymore. Ncix has then at $120 on sale AMD A10-5800K APU Quad Core Processor Socket FM2 3.8GHZ 4MB 100W Retail Box What's a fair price Hwc'ers?
  19. G777

    Advice on Z77 board for overclocking

    So on an impulse I picked up a 3770k on the weekend, and have been using it in the P67 board I already have an asus M4E, using the newest bios. On water cooling I seem to be hitting a bit of a wall around 5.3GHz, and plan on putting the chip under a ss phase unit in the next few days. A...

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