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    Air Cooling Project: 101. Lowered CPU load by 9-10C

    Well this was my first ever build and it began in August 2006. Since then I have upgraded CPU from 805D (sick OC beast) to Q6600, Vid Card from x1900xtx to 4850 and added 2x1Gb of Crucial to give a total of 4x1Gb of Crucial. All is listed in my sig. Current settings have my CPU at 3.01GHz...
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    Best monitoring app for "over-time"

    Just wondering what the OC'ers and Benchers like for the monitoring software. Previously I used EVEREST for "observational" monitoring, but with the 4850 I found Vid wasn't recognised (have to upgrade). Although EVEREST is very good for coarse observations of temps, it doesn't create a "log"...
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    How to make you own Memory Cooler (RAM)

    I found this article while surfing and thought I would share it with you guys, the original creator deserves a lot of credit imho: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MEMORY COOLER(56K UN-FRIENDLY) - Overclockers Australia Forums It may look a little "ghetto" for some but the build looks promising, cheap and...
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    Crucial Ballistix: 2 x (2x1Gb Kits) same serial and product No.s

    I would like to explore "better" timings for 2 different batches of "Crucial Ballistix" with same serial and part No.s (from their website!). I bought my first kit of Crucial in August 2006 direct from Micron. In April 2008 this year prices were so ridiculously cheap I bought another 2x1Gb...
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    48xx Application recognition

    Finally got my card and just tried installing the standard 8.6 Drivers (read that some where having grief with the "hotfix" drivers). I've also read that ATiTools, RivaTune etc etc wont acknowledge these cards yet. I'm finding nothing in EVEREST, RivaTune or HWMonitor but they used to...
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    Which brand off HD4850 should I get, want technical input

    Okay after seeing all the reviews on the HD4850 and HD4870 I just can't help myself and have to get one. I currently have a Crucial x1900xtx and it's getting dated and holding back the rest of my system. Also I have Crysis coming in 2-3 days and don't want to play it on mid-low settings. I...