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  1. Alpine

    Cloning HDD To SSD

    Hi guys, Do you know a great, simple and frrreeeee software to clone a hdd drive with a OS to a SSD ?
  2. Alpine

    X79 Motherboard from China

    Hello HWC members.... What you think about thoses cheap X79 motherboard from China ? Yeah or na ?? Link down here: X79 Motherboard from China
  3. Alpine

    MSi R580 Armor 8G OC

    I am not very into pc hardware since few year(s) and i am out of date. My Evga GTX 690 is taking some age and start having trouble with some games (GTA V) with my 1440p monitors. I did found, i think, a good deal with a use R850 Armor 8G for a little more than 200$. What do you thinking...
  4. Alpine

    Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H Error 96

    Hi guys, I have a question about a pc without display since few days. The led error code give the code 96, which is '' Assign PCI device resources'' How do i do that '' Assign PCI device resources '' when i have no display ? This probably useless, I have try other video cards, monitors and...
  5. Alpine

    4X4G Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 2133 mhz

    Hi guys, I wonder how much this thing worth ? Around 200$ ??
  6. Alpine

    NVM This can be deleted

    NVM This can be deleted
  7. Alpine

    Misleading sales tactics for Bell services

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share this investigation about door to door Bell sales rep we have all see in our neighbourhood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grU3esNMntU&feature=youtu.be
  8. Alpine

    2X GTX 690

    Hello guys, How worth those cards ? Evga GTX 690 signature still under warranty until 2022 (I'd buy a 10 years when i buy it) Asus GTX 696 i am the second owner but card is working great. Both come with original box. I think its time to upgrade for a 1070 soon
  9. Alpine

    GTX690 SLI issues

    Hello guys, Few days ago i have add a second evga gtx 690 for a sli build, since then i can't play games After few crashes, i've done a drivers update. Reboot / start game / main menu of the game / as soon i enter the game pc freeze. Everything is running fine while playing a movie. Do i...
  10. Alpine

    Looking for a mp3 player

    Hello guys, My Cowon X7 120 gig has sadly died this morning and i need another mp3 player. I need three options for a mp3 player. 1: need to work with flac file 2: have alot of storage 3: a great sound I am open to any suggestions. Budget around 200$. Thanks for your help.
  11. Alpine

    You know Kodi but do you know Emby ?

    Hey guys i just found this few hours ago and i pretty like that. Its a media center that give you the chance to have access to your files from a anywhere. Easy to setup and use. https://emby.media/ I just found that little video to add it to kodi :bananafunky...
  12. Alpine

    Price Check for a Nexus 7 32gb

    Hey guys, I will have on sale very soon a 2013 Google Nexus 7 32GB with android version 5.1.1. Come with box and everthying. No scratch and have a film protector on the screen 75$ 100 $ ?? I really don't know about that. Thanks
  13. Alpine

    Dual monitor stand screw

    Hey what's up guys ? I wondering is anyone of you know which size of screw that i need to install my screen in that dual monitor stand ? I have lost the srew when we have move from old to new house and i have decided to you is back again. Thanks for your help...
  14. Alpine

    Want to Buy nothing thank you

    nothing thank you
  15. Alpine

    Playstation 3 .. is this a good deal ?

    I have maybe the chance to buy a used playstation 3 with 3 games and 1 controller for 120$ Is this a good deal ? I am asking the question since im not in console game. Thanks for your answers !
  16. Alpine

    intel nuc DN2820FYKH + 8 gig of ram and a GTX 260

    Hello guys I have this for sell very soon and i wouild like to know if my price is good or naaaa IT is a intel nuc DN2820FYKH with 8 gig of ram. It still working fine and it was using daily for listening TV from the Web a little bit but mostly from my server in the basement. Intel nuc...
  17. Alpine

    Drag and drop dosen't work anymore win10

    Hello guys, Since the last of update of windows 10 to build 10586, drag and drop dosen't work anymore. Have you the same problem ?
  18. Alpine

    Need help to break the 1gyga barrier over my network

    First thing first Hello to you all. I have install on each pc 1 IBM PRO/1000 PT Quad Port Adapter LP PCI-e X4. (look at my signature for PC specs) '' server '' if i can call it this way is running Win 7 X64 pro and main PC is running W 10 X64 pro. I have teaming network connections on...
  19. Alpine

    Intel Nuc/ Gigabyte Brix or building my own HTPC ?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for possibilities to do some change at home about HTPC. I already have NuC but now it is so old it can't play some video files. I really love the form factor of NUC/Brix size if great. So, for a budget about 500$ what is the best option ? Nuc or any other brand ...
  20. Alpine

    Want to Buy Gskill Ripjaws F3-12800CL9Q-8GBRL

    Hello guys, I am looking kit memory kit from G.Skill: F3-12800CL9Q-8GBRL with a good price. I can pay cash or paypal as a gift and i pay shipping. Thanks /Alp

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