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  1. RainbowMuffins

    GPU overclocking newbie.

    So, truthfully I dunno much about overclocking a GPU but I am a little crazy when it comes to frame rates in games and I need help understanding what's going on and what it is I'm doing. I use an MSI 680 Lightning Edition, I've had it set to factory and default since I got it but now that I...
  2. RainbowMuffins

    Hot temperatures!

    I got a new set up which is way awesome than my old one!! It's a nice set up but I'm concerned about the CPU temperature. On the thread about my set up I decided to go with the regular build I'd intended (though don't think I didn't consider your posts!) but now that it's all working I'm...
  3. RainbowMuffins


    Hello~! I've been searching around for parts to upgrade my computer but I'm not particularly tech savvy, although I know some very, very simple stuff. Well, I've chosen my parts but I'm a natural worrier so I've been going back and forth checking stuff and wondering if it all fits and stuff...

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