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  1. Dalchi Frusche

    Work in progress #NodeZero - Mining to NAS Case Coversion

    PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/d9JGpG What is up my fellow modders! Let me introduce you to our next project Node Zero! BACKGROUND Node Zero was conceptualized as our move back home on the west coast meant leaving our staircase server hub back in Tennessee. Now that I’ve...
  2. Dalchi Frusche

    Work in progress #PreludePC A Honda Prelude Sponsored Tribute Build

    PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pkKk29 Good to see you all again! We have begun our next mod!!!!! Are you as excited as I am? Let me know what you think and drop me a response below. BACKGROUND As someone who loves computer modding, I actually enjoy working on cars as...
  3. Dalchi Frusche

    Completed Mom's Mod - Everquest Themed Pay it Forward Build

    PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zn9Zw6 Hey everyone! Just wanted to get the mod log started for our newest case mod! It won’t be anything super crazy just a simple themed “Pay it Forward” mod for my mother. BACKGROUND My mother was always encouraging and supportive in my...
  4. Dalchi Frusche

    Work in progress DDCM Desk Project: Unique. Simple. Powerful

    It’s time for DDCM to start the next project! So… I present to you, DDCM Desk! Unique. Simple. Powerful. We will start by thanking our sponsors that have partnered with us to make this project a reality! First, we start with ModMyMods.com(MMM), who partnered with DDCM for our last mod...
  5. Dalchi Frusche

    Case Mod Project: Military Tech - A fundraising project in support of veterans

    ** WARNING: This build log, like all the others will take some time because I'm poor :D but with the help of sponsors we will quicken this up. More sponsors = quicker build :thumb: Good Afternoon my fellow modding enthusiasts, So I have tossed around the idea of doing a US Military themed...
  6. Dalchi Frusche

    Work in progress Double Dragon- Reverse ATX Large Cube Scratch Build

    Hey all my fellow modders! So.... this will be a build that will take a long time to complete(just warning everyone now) :o Just wanted to get some input while in the beginning planning stages of the build. PARTS LIST P - Pending O - Ordered H - Have MAIN COMPONENTS MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming...
  7. Dalchi Frusche

    Double Dragon Case Mod-reverse double ATX)

    UPDATED 8/4/15 Hey all, Sorry about the time lapse. Time to revive this build log. Now that school is done and found a comfortable steady income, time to start collecting materials to begin working on the case. Bear with me as it might take a while to get everything constructed. I'll be...

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