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    Want to Sell SSHD 1TB, other new parts

    15" labtop bag with lock $25 3.5 USB 2.0 data enclosure $20 Seagate laptop 1tb sshd $99 Noctua nhl9i low profile cooler $55 Ballistx 8g ddr3 ram $59 Silverstone ppo5 short cable kit $29 Lexmark 200xl black cartridge $20 Silverstone cpo6 e4 multi data cable $8 Pics to follow Plus shipping...
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    Price and Interest check 4790K

    I have a new-ish 4790K hooked up to an H80i +FT03 checking see if there is adequate interest and what would be a reasonable price CPU only...:dots:
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    Want to Sell GTX770 sold

    all sold
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    Any GTX Titan owners out there??

    I got #1 last week,very happy with it...any other owner thoughts,opinions....>>??:punk:
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    Want to Sell Lightly used GTX Titan $950

    GTX Titan stock model gently used EVGA base model (not superclocked)$950 plus shipping/insurance. Pics to follow!:dots:plus other stuff....to be posted with pics.
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    Want to Sell SFF and new to almpst new stuff

    Hi everyone, I have done same sizeable sales on here in last few months but not evryone left feedback I guess because of itrader or whatever so any past buyers please leave some feedback posts on this thread cuz i know your all happy. Zero issues with all items ,some NIB or hardly used, or used...
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    :clap: SOLD MY CURRENT SYSTEM ALL PARTS LESS THAN 5-6 MONTHS OLD. All for $1599 plus shipping. Interac only.:blarg: CORSAIR 800D CORSAIR H1OO with newer Corsair fans INTEL 3770K gently overclocked at 4.2 ASUS MAXIMUS V FORMULA mobo CORSAIR AX1200 32G G.SKILL RIPJAW RAM F3-12800CL10-8GBZL...
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    Want to Sell SFF and new thread items

    add moved to new thread...doh.
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    Want to Sell ASUS 660Ti OC !!!...Merc Stealth,etc

    ASUS Gtx 660 Sold! Hi everyone just updated prices as I am cleaning out stuff Im not using and I almost to the point of giving it away. Sorry about any price editing (it does not work well doing it on my phone). Anyways I have sold things on Canuck Audio Mart for years (same user name with...
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    Want to Sell REDUCED like new $799 ASUS 17.3" G74SX CST1-CBIL

    delete ad /:dots:cancelled
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    3770k or 2700K with ASUS Z77

    Hi, upgrading my mobo from ASUS Extreme IV to ASUS Z77 Sabretooth since I like the cool looks, anyways any benifit upgradeding from 2700K (a good conservative 4.8Oc'er with H100 cooling) to a 3770K?? I will eventually will go IB, but why if the 2700K works well, other than some benefit for PCIe...
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    What's the more reliableOC GTX670??

    Gigabyte Windforce (cheaper) or ASUS TOP??
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    GTX 670 Issues

    Any members like to speak up about out of box reliability issues??:whistle:

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