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    Want to Buy E3-1280 v5 or E3-12805 v6

    Looking to upgrade my server. Located in Muskoka area (Ontario)
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    Want to Buy 1150 cpu/mobo combo

    i3 or i5 is fine. Im trying to put life back into an old Phenom system I have with a 770. Im in Ontario.
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    So I think I just killed my motherboard while installing two fans

    I have a corsair 600t case and the top 200mm fan stopped working so I ordered two new 120mm fans to replace it. They are plugged into the case controller. I also bought a new cpu cooler as my h60 was starting to make weird noises at the pump so wanted to play it safe. Anyways, got the two top...
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    Best way to protect my remote connections.

    I have a few devices on my network that I like to be able to remotely connect to while im out. These consists of remote desktop to a couple of my pcs. SSH access, accessing my home assistant UI and maybe be able to access my freenas box. What would be the best method to securely browse these...
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    Want to Sell Brand New Monoprice 5.0 Alpha 2 way In-Wall speakers

    2x 8" 2x 6" 1x 5.5 (Center) 8ohm Brand new in box only taken out to test never installed. To use these in my home would require a few studs to be cut so im going a different route. Picked these up while I was in the States for US Thanksgiving. Need them gone. $300 Im located just north of...
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    Recommend budget CPU for light gaming

    I have an old Phenom 2 system that I would like to upgrade that currently has ddr3 8gig ram and I just threw in my old gtx770. Im looking to upgrade the cpu and motherboard for some light gaming. Its a system im going to keep at my gfs house when I dont wish to converse with her :rofl: As this...
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    Cannot login in new account Win10

    just created a new user for myself on my gfs acer laptop. When i try to login, it was say logging in then immediately say signing out and then go back to the user login window asking for a password again. I have tried both my Microsoft account and a local user. Her laptop seems up to date. Not...
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    Now on Rogers ipv6....remote access?

    Iv noticed im on ipv6 know but some sites also show me a ipv4 address. I tried using the ipv4 address for remote desktop but it doesnt work, using standard port 3389 btw. Am I stuck with using only ipv6 address now? I know some services I use do not support ipv6 yet such as noip.
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    $500 budget build

    Have a family friend that wants a new desktop built and said there budget is $500. This is just a basic system. Web browsing, email, documents, nothing special. I was pricing out a few options and I was thinking a AMD apu. Been kinda difficult to get it close to $500. Just wanted to get some...
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    Transfer files between two remote computers. Linux and Win10

    So I rent a seedbox (remote file server) that runs linux and I use ssh on my windows desktop along with lftp to grab the files off the seedbox to my local media server (ubuntu server) and it works well. My issue I have is I have another remote machine (windows 10) that I want to transfer files...
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    FTP being blocked by firewall. Solved

    Having an issue getting passed windows 10 firewall for ftp. I have check marked on the allow list but the only way it works is if I disable firewall completely which is obviously something I do not want to do. This machine was working fine when it was on Win7 but recently was upgraded to 10...
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    SeedStuff or WhatBox

    Currently trying out Seedstuff and I have the cheapest option available. I see tones of people online talking about WhatBox and just wanted to get an opinion if its worth checking out? I see its a bit more expensive though.
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    Internet comes to crawl when downloading large files.

    Iv noticed that last few days that when im downloading large files whether its torrents, games on blizzard or steam or even ftp my connection comes to complete halt. In chrome I get a dns error and it says not connected to internet even though im still downloading. Netflix stops working on our...
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    RPi3...can it power a WD MyPassport drive?

    My pi2 doesn't deliver enough juice to the usb ports to power it so I was wondering if the 3 can do it. Its an excellent system for a super basic Kodi device. But I was hoping not buy a hub to power the drive.
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    Cant change LED with Extreme Utility Gigabyte 1070 G1 Gaming

    Just picked this baby up and installed drivers from Nvidia and installed the Gigabyte Extreme Utility but I think there is a bug because when I try to change the LED color it doesnt work. It just stuck on cycling through the colors. Iv reinstalled a few times with the restarts nothings working...
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    Transfering from HDD to SSD non OS

    Just picked up another ssd to replace one of my hdd that store my games and few larger programs. Just wanted to know can I just copy and paste the contents to the new ssd and then change the drive letters or should i be using a problem to make a clone?
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    Advice on MiniITX build Freenas/Ubuntu Server

    So iv been wanting to do this for a while but need some advise on some parts. Mainly cpu/mobo. Im looking to do a MiniITX build for this project. I have not set on if im going to use FreeNAS or Ubuntu server. Iv used US before and was quite happy with it but FreeNas has sparked my interest. Iv...
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    Will a Synology DS115j fit my needs?

    Hey all, For the past 6 months or so I have been using ubuntu server on an older system of mine but I have decided the system im using would be much better suited as a htpc/lightweight gaming system. I have had my eye on Synology for a while and would like it to replace my server. I had been...
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    AM3/+ Mini itx board?

    Is it possible to still get one of these in Canada? Im having a hard time finding one. I wanted it for my old Phenom 2 cpu I have.
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    Wifi requently droping on android devices using Unifi AP and Rogers modem.

    I have been having this issue for quite a while now. It started one day while I was using my Moto X play I figured then it was just the phone but I now have a OnePlus 3 and the same problem is happening. The thing is, none of my other wifi devices seem to be having an issue (Laptop, SmartTV...