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    can't usb boot white macbook (mid-2007)

    I am having issues usb booting the lion installer or anything at all on my white macbook (mid-2007), the cd rom on it is busted. It is a variant with 32bits EFI, so no 64bit OS. What I already tried: burning a macos lion installer to a usb stick the conventional way and trying to boot it from...
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    Dell t7400 - 8 pin problem

    Hi, I have a dell precision t7400 which uses a special propietary PSU. I wish to use my r9 290x which requires one 8 pin and one 6 pin.. however, the 8 pin connector on my PSU does not fit the 8 pin connector on my GPU!! I read it is not for gpus but rather riser boards so.. Ideas??
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    old netbook running dangerously hot

    Hi, I have an old netbook here that is running dangerously hot. It will become too hot to touch and I will need to power it down.. it seems to happen even without the battery, I opened it up and saw there is no sort of dust buildup anywhere so I do not know why it is running so hot. It is a...
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    Gpu works in one board and not the other (r9 290x 4g)

    I have two motherboards: an intel dq67sw paired with an amd r9 270 and core i5 2500, all work fine together an Z97S SLI Krait paired with an amd r9 290x and amd fx 8150, all work fine together HOWEVER, when I try to put my r9 290x into my intel dq67sw motherboard, it does not work. It will...