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  1. Biff73

    Acer Nitro 5

    I just bought this Acer Nitro 5,specs are Ryzen 5 3500H Vega 8 Igpu & RX 560X,16GB DDR4 2666Mhz ram,256gb nvme pcie ssd,I added a 960 EVO 1TB SSD.So far it games pretty well & runs cool,but what do you guys think about it?I paid Sgd$930 excluding 960 evo ssd,below is the one I bought...
  2. Biff73

    Is this Rig good enough for gaming?

    Is this Rig good enough for gaming?Or do I need to add or upgrade any components?My component are as follows: CPU:Core i9 9900K Ram:4x16gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200mhz Motherboard:Aorus Z390 Master GPU:Aorus RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme PSU:Corsair AX1200 Case:Tecware VXR Fans:8x Armageddon Infineon...
  3. Biff73

    My new build for my nephew

    Will this PC be good enough to play the most intensive modern games at above 60 frames at max settings? Below are the components,thanks Windows 8.1 Intel Core i7 3770K Delidded at 4.8GHz 1.25v Corsair H100 W/4x Gentle typhoon AP-15 Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 G-Skill Ripjaws Z DDR3 1866 4x4 GB at...
  4. Biff73

    Creative Sound blaster E1

    Will this sound blaster E1 significantly improve headphones performance on mobile devices or laptops?I am currently using an audio technica ath a500x which is 48ohms,Thanks Creative Labs Sound Blaster E1
  5. Biff73

    Reccomend me a headset for gaming

    Please Reccomend me a headset for gaming within the budget of USD$100 & Please don't reccomend any audiophile headphone as I already have one.Also headsets with 4 pole 3.5mm audio jacks are prefered as I'm using it on a ps3 & turtle beach DSS,I do have some in mind,please comment: Sound Blaster...
  6. Biff73

    Is this the Correct way to Overclock an AMD 955+Crosshair III?

    Is this OC good enough?Please comment on what I should do to improve,still very new to OC:canadianwave: Here are my voltages: CPU:1.45v CPU/NB:1.40v CPU/VDDA:2.49v DRAM:1.65v HT:1.20v NB:1.11v NB 1.8V:1.81v SB:1.20v 3.3V:3.46v 5V:4.97v 12V:12.46v CPU-Z Validator 3.1

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