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  1. Jim

    freesync 2 hdmi 2.1 monitors ,where are they ?

    Can't find any to buy online in 24 - 27 inch,anybody know an availability date?
  2. Jim

    Wireless headphones needed for xbox one

    Need phones with a mic that don't use the 3.5mm jack on the controller in other words completely wire free ,would prefer to avoid Turtle Beach brand
  3. Jim

    Asus VP28UQG freesync option grayed out

    Asus says this monitor is Freesync 1 capable over HDMI 2.0 have an I xbox 1x which has HDMI 2.1 output of Freesync 2 connected to this monitor ,my understanding is that HDMI is backwards compatible,Microsoft assured me that Freesync is enabled on the unit,the OSD option is there but grayed...
  4. Jim

    4K, HDR, 10 bit, Rec 2020 display needed

    Whats available in 24 - 28 inch screens ? only 60 hz needed,thanks
  5. Jim

    (SOLVED) 1080 gtx poor performance,stuttering

    Installed a 1080 today (see sig) runs Battlefield titles like crap stuttering/lagging @ 1080p,The rx480 I was using ran Battlefield 4 high settings smooth as butter (60hz monitor) virtual super resolution @ 4k for real.Tried nvidias Dynamic Super Resolution with the 1080 things got much...
  6. Jim

    This card any good ? (SOLVED)

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 AMP! Edition, cheapest one I could find, $813 cnd delivered,should I spend more and get a better 1080 ? thanks in advance (did a google/forum search first)...
  7. Jim

    SSD question(SOLVED) thanks GROOVE

    I'm finally fed up with waiting on HDD's to spin up , I use the PC for a couple of Battlefield titles and the web.What should I get for hardware and how to proceed as in RAID 0 or M2 ? or whatever ,googled some but I'm unsure what's best ,don't want to spend any more than is necessary ,thanks in...
  8. Jim

    Want to Buy Haswell 4 core

    Any haswell 4 core's for sale ?
  9. Jim

    PC is sluggish in game

    Playing Battlefield 3 and BF4 @ 1080p Ultra ,frame rates vary from 30 to 120 (doesn't get any better with lower settings) ,things get pretty choppy ,task manager say cpu is at 100% all the time ,thought an oc'd 3258g was suppose give great single thread performance.... , what dose it take to...
  10. Jim

    Web & youtube build

    Just want to confirm this build will run win 10 fastest possible and youtube @ 1080p ASUS Z97-E/USB 3.1 LGA1150 DDR3 2PCI-E16 3PCI-E1 CrossFireX/SLI SATA3 USB3.1 DVI HDMI Motherboard - Z97-E/USB 3.1 - NCIX.com Asus only is my preference Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Unlocked Dual Core...
  11. Jim

    monitor needed ,least expensive

    Looking to spend as little as possible ,want a 24inch monitor ,1080p,144 hz ,freesync it's the size I like and what i can afford ,backed by two rx 480 ,thanks
  12. Jim

    Still leading edge ? ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO

    Wondering if this z170 is still current or has it been surpassed ? 6600k to max clock btw ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO LGA 1151 Intel Z170 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 ATX Intel Gaming Motherboard - Newegg.ca
  13. Jim

    1st new build in a lot of years,several questions

    Fed up with being a console peasant (tired of lag on PSN) planning to build a PC that runs Battlefield 1 at nothing less than 60 frames per second max settings,4k on a single monitor.I have on hand a case ,750 watt Corsair,some drives(HDD ,DVD) and an operating system (win 7 ) peripherals ( g502...
  14. Jim

    Orb Weaver Red or Blue Switch's ? (SOLVED)

    Want to buy a Stealth model (Cherry blue mx) cause it's quieter yet people say get the standard model which has Cherry red mx switch's (better to game with apparently) How are red's better ?
  15. Jim

    delete master boot registry ? (SOLVED)

    need to remove and add master boot registry (hard drive obviously) due to rootkit infection,prevents antivirus from updating or scanning,ran a malware removal tool 1 infection "fixed" AV still no go,is there a way to do this from within win7 as drive is installed as a secondary? drive was given...
  16. Jim

    where's mantle ? @ 30 Dec

    What happened to EA's Battlefield 4 Mantle patch? | SemiAccurate These guys a good source,I wonder.
  17. Jim

    creepy NSA

    Catalog Reveals NSA Has Back Doors for Numerous Devices
  18. Jim

    this seem legit ?

    Intel Core I5 2500K SR008 Desktop CPU Processor LGA1155 6MB 3 30 GHZ 5GT S | eBay
  19. Jim

    BF4 hardware utilization

    Finally some seemingly accurate info ( after reading endless opinions) hopefully not a repost Battlefield 4 Retail GPU and CPU Benchmarks If nothing else the fanboy flame war in the comments was sort of fun,not how things are done at HWC thankfully.
  20. Jim

    Want to Buy 2500k or 3570k,lookin for

    If you have one of those for sale, pm me with pricing,thanks

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