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    Let's go Team !!

    I prefer to be called the guy formerly known as a Folding Editor.
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    Let's go Team !!

    Titan X Pascal.
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    Let's go Team !!

    I remember you guys and I was just stopping in to say hi. I have two teams within the OCN team. One is in the Team Competition and the other is in the Forum Folding War that runs from February 13 to 21. The FFW is the only thing that is close to the Chimp Challenge that we still have after...
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    Let's go Team !!

    Okay, I found the subscribe thing. Every website is so different. I'm a former Folding Editor from one of the other teams, but I did fold for this team. I like to come back to talk to people and help. That dancing banana, It's been long time.
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    Let's go Team !!

    can I still post here?
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    Congratulation to HWC - Chimp Challenge Champs

    Congrats beavers!:thumb: I will even throw in one of these.:canadianwave:
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    Chimp Challenge 2010 Motivational thread.

    Since I'm new to smp folding, is a TPF 3:25 on an A3 core ok?
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    Folding milestone

    I would like to congratulate soul tribunal for his 2,000,000 pt milestone.:thumb:
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    Folders, we have a challenge.

    Sorry guys, my bad.:ph34r:
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    Folders, we have a challenge.

    Welcome back ST.:clap:
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    Folders, we have a challenge.

    I wish I had more to fold with.:thumb:
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    Let's go Team !!

    Gotta love the 787's. I know i'm not the only one getting them, and by the way your 50,000 ppd doesn't hurt!
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    Let's go Team !!

    Did I see 3.0 charlie folding under his name today?
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    Team F-T-L at it again?

    I hope they stay gone this time.:clap:
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    Let's go Team !!

    He's sbrooker.
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    Best Nvidia Drivers for Folding

    Jon, I have a GTX 260 that doesn't like the 185.85, nvidia driver stopped and recovered or something like that. I think I will try the 190's and see if they fix the problem. On the other hand my GTX275's work great with the 185.85
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    New HCF folding members please post here for intro and tag requests!

    I agree. Soon you will be looking at the clock waiting for the next EOC update and in an hour and a half it's time to check kakao stats to see how many points you will have at the next EOC update. I don't have a problem like some of these other guys. I could quit right now if all my rigs blew...

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