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  1. lilmoja

    Want to Buy None for now

    None for now.
  2. lilmoja

    Want to Buy Fx -8120

    I need to upgrade. Pm me with your fair price. Looking for New/used doesn't matter as long as its working properly. Vancouver area.
  3. lilmoja

    Want to Buy 600t Side Panel Window

    Anyone here have a 600t and not using the glass window? I would like to buy it, just the glass window, screws, and the black trim. Send me a pm with reasonable price. I prefer local, Vancouver area.
  4. lilmoja

    BSOD help! No Idea what is the cause.

    It happened to me almost 3 times a week now, so I decided to get some help. I really need your help guys. I will attach my dumpfile.
  5. lilmoja

    Want to Sell Microsoft X4 Keyboard

    Hi, I have a microsoft x4 keyboard for sale. Almost brand new except for the "A" key the key cap coating is wearing off. (not that bad though and It doesn't affect the performance) Im also looking for trade, I can add cash if you have better keyboard. Vancouver Area See photos below. $40
  6. lilmoja

    Want to Buy Fx-8120/Fx-8150/x6 1090t/x6 1100t

    I need a new cpu. PM me if you have one. -Kevin R.