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  1. genericllama

    PURCHASED - Thread Can be closed :)

    Hey everyone, Looking to upgrade my HTPC with a nice cheap coffee lake CPU, aiming for a G5400 which should "hypothetically" meet Oculus Rift minimum specifications hahaha. (G5400 about matches the i3-6100 which "should" be sufficient for VR, and the 1151 ITX board i have will eventually house...
  2. genericllama

    Want to Buy An HTPC case

    I've come to a point where I'm just not satisfied with having my spare mid-tower sitting in my living. It's clunky, big and just doesn't look nice. Having been inspired after reading into the Steam machines, I've decided that I'ma transplant the ATX rig into an HTPC case and have it run as a...
  3. genericllama

    The "ReVisioned Killer Xeno Pro"

    https://www.visiontekproducts.com/index.php/component/virtuemart/revisioned/revisioned-killer-xeno-pro-detail?Itemid=0 Thoughts?
  4. genericllama

    Shadow Warrior

    Saw the game for pre-order on steam. From the makers of Serious Sam/Hard Reset and produced by the guys of Hotline Miami. Save 15% on Shadow Warrior on Steam Looks pretty cool too, not a game id buy myself but i can definitely see the appeal as to why someone would play it. Thoughts? (a 10%...
  5. genericllama

    Lucid Virtue MVP/ Hybrid Crossfire article?

    I've done some internet searching and found bits and articles about performance gains/loss (etc) when using the lucid Virtue software and/or Hybrid crossfire. However, i don't find them to be as in depth and as quality made as many of the HWC reviews. I realize that both of these features...
  6. genericllama

    amd - mobo/ram/cpu combo cost?

    With Haswell round the corner, I've been thinking of doing a budget upgrade on my rig because i feel that my C2D 8400 just isnt cutting it anymore(its starting to heavily bottleneck my system). With that in mind, ive been thinking of making the jump to a vishera 8320/50. What would be an...
  7. genericllama

    Xbox One Reveal - Thoughts/Discussion

    What are everyone's thoughts? The only thing during the reveal that made me excited was that the Xbox will have an 8 core cpu. I hope this gets devs jumping on better multi-core support and by extension pushing AMD's budget 8 cores processors in a more competitive market VS Intel edit - also...
  8. genericllama

    usb 3.0 internal/front - Bitfenix raider - quick question

    I was looking into the Bitfenix Raider for a potential build (helping my father put a pc together), and i really like that it has 4 usb 3.0s ports on the front of the case. Most motherboards however only an internal connector for two usb 3.0 ports (at least of what I've looked at). Assuming...
  9. genericllama

    3D printed guns documentary

    came across this via blogs i lurk. Not sure how i feel about what's said but i do figure it's worth sharing. Thoughts? 3D Printed Guns (Documentary) - YouTube
  10. genericllama

    New ssd (intel 335) Bsod issues : SOLVED

    To get straight to the point. I received a new intel 335 for Christmas (woot) and ive been in the process of install and updating. I downloaded and tried to install intel's matrix storage manager to find out that "my system doesn't meet minimum requirements". Upon further investigation I...
  11. genericllama

    The Ship - Older Steam Game

    Anyone play this classic steam game? The community in it has been dieing down but the games a blast. Note: I have two giftable copies (which when used unlock and extra giftable copy), im willing to pass these copies as a freebie to any active (and contributing) member of HWC. Hopefully, they...
  12. genericllama

    Want to Buy Closed - Done

    Edit* Sales done. Bought MARSTG's card. Thanks everyone, Llama edit* with itrader being down, i posted a quick +1 review on his forum profile. Thanks again
  13. genericllama

    Considering an upgrade

    well, my C2D machine keeps hauling through and hasn't died on me just yet. I'm thinking that i likely will not be going to do a rebuild for another year or two. Ive been keeping tabs of my 9800 gt (512mg) and how well it preforms and although its totally reasonable and maintaining (IMO mind...
  14. genericllama

    Freecycle Thread?

    I realize that in most cases people don't normally free-cycle, or they just post in buy/sell and offer it up as a freebie but hey, a free-cycle thread - its a nice thought right? It doesn't even necessarily have to be computer parts or software specific, if i were to see a few comics go on...
  15. genericllama

    Custom Arcade Stick

    Well, i got inspired the other day, had an old unused 360 controller(wired) given to me from a friend. Im planning on turning it into an arcade stick. Ive read a few informative guides (slagcoin being one of them) and i'm quite pumped. plan on taking apart an old xbox elite i have (now...
  16. genericllama

    Packet loss - Fustration!

    well folks. Im about to rip my hair out and attack the next living creature that comes within arms distance. About a month ago i started experiencing some pretty heavy packet loss while playing some games. ( varying from 2-10% according to sites below) ICSI Netalyzr Test your connection I...
  17. genericllama

    Monitor no signal - after weird circumstances

    This is essentially what happened. Load up a few video files streaming from a web site. BSOD Upon resart the pc hangs constantly post asus mobo logo pre win xp logo. after removing and replacing/resetting ram slots, computer loaded up fine (as far as harddrive spinning, regular noises etc)...

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