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    Custom cpu block V3

    Hi guys Heres my third attempt at making a cpu block. Its looking a lot better than my first block I made a couple of years ago :haha: This time the copper and acrylic were cnc machined, the fins were done using a dremel. While testing the block I fried my i7 920:doh:. Ive had no luck...
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    Home made i7 water block

    Just recently upgraded to an i7 so I thought why not try to make a block for it ...here are some pics and temps after first oc attempt...Im using a pa140.3 with 3 noctua 140mm fans ....all parts were machined by hand using power tools and jigs would appreciate if you could share your temps of...
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    home made gpu water block

    Here are some pics of my weekend project. I am thinking that maybe I should run the channels in the copper base a little deeper for better heat transfer. At the moment they are running 3mm deep leaving 3mm to the bottom. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this thing work better than my...