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  1. Finch

    9900k 5.3ghz and overkill watercooling

    Hi, Just showing off my new build. I've put a lot of work and money into this build. what i did: Delidded the 9900k and direct die watercooling Custom waterblocks on vrms 4x360 ek rads and mcp655pump and res thermaltake core x71 case with a extra machined radiator bracket made by my machinist...
  2. Finch

    Want to Buy Looking for a i7 3770k

    hi, i'm looking for a i7 3770k in top condition thanks
  3. Finch

    Crossfire + Dual monitor

    hi everyone, Can't find all the information im looking for on the net so i ask you guys. Basically i have 2x r9 270x in crossfire and i would like to be able to play games on my primary screen (on the right) while monitoring fps, tempertures, gpu usage, internet and more on my secondary screen...
  4. Finch

    Want to Buy looking for a gfx better then gtx650ti

    hi all i am looking for a gfx better then my gtx 650ti in good and working condition. I,m right now clueless of what gfx i should get so please make some offers. i am not looking to spend a ton tought thank you
  5. Finch

    golden ivy bridge?

    just wanted to share my i5 3570k overclocking results. so far its at 5.1ghz and being priming for few hours now. i think my chip is golden with the fact that it runs cool and doesnt need that much vcore compared to others. soon to try 5.2ghz. what are your thoughts?
  6. Finch

    Struggling to fix this issue

    Hi everyone. To start off my gf's boss gave us a Lenovo ideacentre b540 touch screen pc. the touch glass was all cracked and broke. the rest of the pc is fine tho. So I removed the glass and i am using the pc as a regular pc without the touch functions. the pc fell of the desk on the floor and...
  7. Finch

    Price check pls

    Hi, i am moving out and i need some money, i have a spare systeme here that i would like some inputs on its value. thx in advance cpu: Intel core2quad q9400 2.66ghz Cooler: Zalman cnps9700 cooler Mobo: Giga p35-ds3r Ram: 4gb ddr2 6400 kingston hyperX GFX: nvidia evga gtx275 HDD: Raid0 2x500gb...
  8. Finch

    Does respect exist anymore?

    I think i am begining to be anti-people. I am 24 years old and I work for a Tool Rental business where i serve customers all day long. I am now part time there because i went back to school but its been my 4th year of service there and i went from simple employe to full time mecanics. In those...
  9. Finch

    HTPC experts please help me

    I am planning on building my first HTPC but i am quite new to this and i seek for advises. Basicaly i already have a file server that i want to use as a HTPC as well but that can still act as a file server. i also use the file server to host teamspeak. In the file server i have the followings...
  10. Finch

    Want to Sell Finch's garage sale(pc parts and other)

    I am selling varius items in this post and they are all in good conditions. Most of them are almost new and not used much. Prices can be negociated and i can make deals if one wants to buy several items at once. PM me for any details Items still for sale: Auzentech X-Plosion Cinema 7.1 Sound...
  11. Finch

    Linux need help

    hi everyone, i will try to explain my problem here. i am somewhat new to linux but usually i find my way arround issues and often i find solutions but this time i am stuck. i am using linux backtrack4 distro live cd wich is based on ubuntu. it runs on the memory so i dont have alot of space...
  12. Finch

    Raid Problem

    hi everyone, my friend just bought a new i5 setup with a asus p7p55-m mobo with 2 WD 500gb black. i am supposed to build him a raid0 array. i am used to build raid array on mobo's that have native raid support and configure the raid before windows installation, but it seems that the p7p55-m...
  13. Finch

    URGENT Old laptop upgrade question

    hi all, usually i do not need help regarding pc's but for laptops i am newb here. so i just have a quick question. i have a dell latitude cpx here that i cannot find the exact model number but it has a ibm travelstar 20gb hdd in it and i would like to upgrade it. i dont know what is compatible...
  14. Finch

    Want to Sell cpu,mobo,memory,hsf and sound card combo

    For those that might be interested i would like to sell these parts all togheter: C2D e8400 at 4ghz Asus P5E Deluxe moded to Rampage formula (for more overclocking options) 2x2gb Patriot Viper 1066memory AuzenTech X-PLOSION Cinema 7.1 sound card OCZ Vendetta 2 HSF (about 1month old) This...
  15. Finch

    Raid1 question

    i have a dataserver with windows7 installed specs: Gigabyte ep45-ds3r intel e4400 2gb memory 160 ide hdd for os 2x500hdd for raid1 for data ok so my problem is that i have to change my motherboard because it is faulty. the motherboard is still fonctionnal but the bios is corrupted and i get...
  16. Finch

    WaterChiller project

    today i was sitting in front of my pc with nothing to do. I was so bored that i was thinking about projects to occupy my self. i am that kind of guy that needs to build and invent something few times a year or else i will get so bored that i will die... i then turned my head and saw my window...
  17. Finch

    Want to Buy WTB single phase change

    WTB single phase change unit powerfull enough for e8400 and eventually for a core i7. Good for 24/7 run and must work on north america 110v. i need it ready to use with evap and socket mounting brackets for lga775 and core i7. The refrigerant must be propane. i am mainly searching for a...
  18. Finch

    Need to know you're 4870 dimensions

    hi everyone, i am shoping for a 4870 and i would like to know the dimensions. i have searched around the net and there is not much info. i have also noticed, with pictures, that some brands seems longuer then others because of the cooler they use. And because i have limited space in my case i...
  19. Finch

    Adding benchmarks subforum

    As i see more and more overclockers on HWC, i think it would be a good idea to add some benchmark threads (like; superpi, 3dmark...), post scores and play againts other members. it would also be fun to compare overclocks. what do you guys think?
  20. Finch

    adding some hwbot benchmark thread

    hi, i know i am new here but i would like to make a suggestion I am a overclocker enthousiat and i like to show off my overclocks and benchmark scores. i also like the idea of having members scores compilation just like in this forum. this is the superpi 1m bench thread with members scores and...