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  1. ipaine

    Internet Providers In Edmonton

    I've been with Telus in Edmonton for a long time, like 15 years. I'm finally on fiber but the highest plan I could get was 750/750 but I when doing speed tests I get about 780/780. I currently pay $185/month but that includes home phone and TV with a decent number of channels. That said this was...
  2. ipaine

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Picked up this book. Well pre-ordered it, sort of. I mean I got the pdf copy right away but the hardcover will take a bit. https://www.bitmapbooks.co.uk/collections/all/products/the-art-of-point-click-adventure-games
  3. ipaine

    Rants etc.....

    LOL I came here just to post about that. Here are the guys that did the teardown on it. https://www.pentestpartners.com/security-blog/reverse-engineering-a-5g-bioshield/ And like you said, I really don't feel bad at all about people losing their money over this.
  4. ipaine

    Ampere Release Heating Up.....Worth Skipping Turing?

    I'm thinking the exact same thing. And like you always jumped a generation. Dual 580's, then 780ti's, then 1080ti's and looking at the 3080ti. Just not sure what to do with the 1080ti cards, one for sure will go to my boy's machine, but not sure if I want to set him up with SLI. Sure he has it...
  5. ipaine

    Split network, some with VPN, some without VPN.

    Ok so I'm not completely positive since I only briefly looked at the bridge mode instructions but I'm fairly sure what you want will not be possible. My experience is with Telus and in my case I have my modem then from it a line goes directly to the Telus TV box and then another to my router and...
  6. ipaine

    Asus Launches Brand New Never Before Seen GPU - GT 710 w/4x HDMI

    The last few machines that I ended up building for the exwork were AMD 3900x machines, so that means I needed to put in a video card. I didn't need anything with gaming power just something that could do 4k monitors @60Hz, I ended up going with the PNY Quadro P400. It was only $170 and could do...
  7. ipaine

    Work in progress Fractal Define 7 XL 3900X build

    Yes, if I was doing a full custom loop then I would of course be doing things differently. But the main thing is that I have the two hybrid cards, due to that I am restricted in what I can do. Now in the future once I get new gpus then it might change as I doubt I will go with the hybrids and...
  8. ipaine

    Work in progress Fractal Define 7 XL 3900X build

    I'm actually most likely going to be doing that. I'm thinking I'll be doing it all tomorrow as today was kind of a write off. Just trying to organize my thoughts on everything and what drives are going where etc. But I will say this case is big and super easy to work in.
  9. ipaine

    Work in progress Fractal Define 7 XL 3900X build

    Top card yes, bottom not really. So either way I would have to setup spacers. And I like the visual of it better with the cables going to the front. I just swapped cards and put the one in the picture into my current machine to test, and man those fans are quiet. Even if I crank them up to max...
  10. ipaine

    Work in progress Fractal Define 7 XL 3900X build

    This is sort of a continuation from my thread over here: https://hardwarecanucks.com/forum/threads/new-build-amd-pci-e-lanes-questions.81180/ So after much thought and flip flopping I finally came up with the parts I wanted for my rebuild. Originally I was going to just rebuild in my current R6...
  11. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    Well about that, I have a couple choices. Right now they are in a standard push/pull with Corsair SP120 3pin fans that are connected with a y cable so they get the same speeds. Now if I did add technically a 3rd fan in the mix, I would have to either get another SP120 and then a 3 way fan...
  12. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    I threw in option 4 cause there are already 140mm fans there on the case. The catch with option 2 and 3 is finding enough "bad" fans that I can turn into spacers. Oh there could be another option of putting the fan in between two spacers.
  13. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    Ok so the distance to the front of the case is a little farther than I thought. It I continue with my plan for using the hybrid coolers at the front of the case I have to do one of the following options. Any idea what people think? Downfalls? Pros? Is it just stupid? Etc? Option #1 Option #2...
  14. ipaine

    COVID-19 work conditions

    I went to Costco a couple mornings ago and it was't that bad. Most people seemed to leave enough space and they do have the checkouts well done and line spaced out. Of course that was first thing in the morning so I'm sure it is worse as the day goes on.
  15. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    Hmm, I did think of doing that. I know what should fit for a screw so if home depot has it then I'll just do that, if not then ziptie. Oh and is it just me or did fans all go up in price? Was looking to maybe grab three more of the exact fan that is on my AIO, and they are $33. Started looking...
  16. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    What is driving me crazy is that I think I have exactly what I need, but at my office. Well my ex office that I can't just go visit anymore. Just trying to figure out exactly how I want it set up and what exactly I need.
  17. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    Hmmm, why the hell didn't I think of that. I'm positive must have a few here and there. I'm fairly sure that I would only need one for each. You sir are brilliant!! Ok, maybe it is something not so brilliant and I should have thought of it on my own, but hey good job. I'll just have to figure...
  18. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    So funny thing, here I am thinking yea lets move to the bigger case so I have room to do push pull and my drives when I realized I have a problem. My two 1080tis are hybrids and I'm fairly sure the tubing going to the rads is not long enough. Sigh. So then I was thinking is there a spacer or...
  19. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    Hmmm, so due to a situation at work, I had to bring all of the extra externals and internal drives of mine home. Due to this I have to make a decision. Do I turn around and get a little NAS like the 4 bay qnap T431 and use that for my extra drives or do I just go ahead and get a different case...
  20. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    I would go push pull, but I definitely do not have enough room. I'm using a Fractal Design R6 not the 1000D. So no I have no room on the bottom and even up top it is tight. Too be honest while I really do like the R6, I wish it had just a bit more room. I mean say another inch and a half in...

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