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    Faulty Akasa Fan controller

    :biggrin:Dear Fellow PC lovers :biggrin: A sombre era engulfs me as I type this message. I bought the "Best Fan controller in the world" the "Akasa Fan Controller Pro" thinking it would alter fan speed. All it has done is altar my sanity. (ok, well nit that bad but still pretty bad :angry2:)...
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    Antec Tricool - is it just me or do they suck?

    Antec Tricool - Akasa fan controller How would I go about connecting Antec Tricool fans to an Akasa Pro Fan controller? I've heard it through the grapevine that one needs to use a 3 pin to molex but I'm still not sure. Can anyone explain in a little detail or perhaps show a video? Thanks...
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    Antec Tricool - Cut or not cut? Lol

    Ok this is my first ever post here :D GOOD MORNING CANADA! :canadianwave: Anyway my Antec Tricool fans don't change speed when I connect them to my Akasa pro Fan controller. I believe this is because the switch on the fan changes the voltage, so it ignores what ever signal the fan controller...

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