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  1. ipaine

    Work in progress Fractal Define 7 XL 3900X build

    This is sort of a continuation from my thread over here: https://hardwarecanucks.com/forum/threads/new-build-amd-pci-e-lanes-questions.81180/ So after much thought and flip flopping I finally came up with the parts I wanted for my rebuild. Originally I was going to just rebuild in my current R6...
  2. ipaine

    New Build - AMD pci-e lanes questions

    So I am thinking about upgrading the core of my system to an AMD 3900x. But it lead me to thinking about pcie lanes and performance hits. Motherboard: Either the Asus Strix X570-E or the Crosshair VIII Hero. (not really sure which, but the hero does have more usb which is a benefit) CPU...
  3. ipaine

    3950X delayed till November

    So like the title the 3950X is not coming until November. And it looks like also in November we will be seeing the next gen Threadripper. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14895/amd-next-gen-threadripper-and-ryzen-9-3950x-coming-november
  4. ipaine

    Remote desktop not working to specific machine from specific machine

    Ok so I'm stumped. This is something that was working perfectly fine till a couple days ago. Two things happened, I restarted this machine and we had a power outage that brought the modem and router down for a couple hours. So I have a remote server that I could always just use remote desktop...
  5. ipaine

    Help Me, Intel or AMD for upgrade

    So what I am trying to decide between is basically the 9900K and the 3900X. I don't have to worry about power supply (HX1200i), drives (many including M.2 for OS), and video cards (dual 1080ti). So really on the fence about these. Parts wise I was looking at: (pricing is at MemEx as of this...
  6. ipaine

    E3 2019 - What game are you most hyped about?

    So for me it is obviously Cyberpunk 2077 but there was a couple surprises so far. First, what got me really hyped and was not expecting, MS Flight Simulator. Yup finally a new one and it looks gorgeous. Also it looks like Bethesda learned something, this fall Fallout 76 looks like it might...
  7. ipaine

    Ray Tracing heading to 10 and 16 series Nvidia cards

    Targeted for April, DXR is going to be enabled by a Game Ready Driver. The supported GeForce GTX graphics cards will work without game updates because ray-traced games are built on DirectX 12’s DirectX Raytracing API, DXR...
  8. ipaine

    New WD Black nvme SSD fueled by darkness!!

    Yes Fueled by darkness!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlSpdlE16lM Look, I have been really pleased with the WD black performance and price so far, so I'm sure we will get some of these as well, but come on, "Fueled by darkness" ?!? That said they do look slick, and they seem to be damn near...
  9. ipaine

    Ray Tracing Benchmark Coming to 3DMark

    Looks like we will be able to see how these new cards compare to others with regards to ray tracing. Well at least synthetically. https://benchmarks.ul.com/news/new-ray-tracing-benchmark-coming-to-3dmark-in-january-2019?linkId=60338547
  10. ipaine

    Evga 1000W G3 or Corsair RM1000i

    So what do people think between the two? Price wise they are sort of close $150 for evga , $190 for corsair. I think the only real reason I am thinking about the corsair is that it integrates with their link/icue software so you can get info and set fans and such. I'm doing this cause...
  11. ipaine

    Threadripper 2950X UEFI settings

    Hey all, I am looking for any insight on settings that I should adjust/play around with on a new system here at work. It is a AMD 2950X with 64GB of Corsair 2666MHz ram (CMK32GX4M2A2666C16), Asus X399-A mobo, evga 1060 6gb, evga 750W G3 psu, and a new win 10 build running on a WD Black 1tb...
  12. ipaine

    Nvidia announces new Turing Architecture

    https://nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/nvidia-reinvents-computer-graphics-with-turing-architecture So far just the Quadro cards, Quadro RTX 8000, Quadro RTX 6000 and Quadro RTX 5000. Looks like real-time ray tracing is here.
  13. ipaine

    Basic easy options for backup on laptop

    I am looking for input on how to go about doing a backup system for my daughters laptop. I just purchased a new 2tb external (go amazon prime) and want to use that as the backup location. I have thoughts and know I can use Acronis or something like that, but I am looking for any ideas that will...
  14. ipaine

    Network Drives Removal by Timer

    So I have something I would like to do if it is possible. We have a machine that will be in a conference room. Some people want just a default domain account that auto logs in and has skype for business running in the background. Others would like it if people just log into their own accounts...
  15. ipaine

    Switching cases to define R6

    Hi all, I picked up the new define R6 and have a few options with regards to how to set it up. Here is the first option. Evga cooler on top with the two hybrid coolers in front. It works, but it is very tight. This should result in better gpu temps as it is bringing in outside air. Or...
  16. ipaine

    Final Fantasy XV on PC

    So who is looking forward to this? I myself have been on the fence about getting it for awhile and then when I saw they were going to have a demo I though that would help me make up my mind. Unfortunately, the demo does nothing but give me a black screen. So frustrating and has me thinking I...
  17. ipaine

    Assassin's Creed: Origins

    So anyone have this or play it yet? I am trying to decide if it is worth a buy or not. It looks good and so far early reviews on steam are fairly good.
  18. ipaine

    Star Wars Battlefront II

    So with the multiplayer beta open for the weekend, is anyone playing it? Thoughts? I have played it a bit and have discovered 2 things, one it looks quite nice, and two, I suck. Well I'm ok when having dog fights with the tie fighters/x-wings, but when on the ground I ain't so good. But still...
  19. ipaine

    The next King of gaming monitors?

    So Asus announced the ROG Swift PG35VQ over at Computex. You can see the media release here: https://rog.asus.com/articles/gaming-monitors/the-35-rog-swift-pg35vq-gaming-monitor-turns-hdr-and-quantum-dots-up-to-200hz/ So basically this thing is 35" curved 3440x1440 @200Hz, with HDR and g-sync...
  20. ipaine

    Unigine Superposition Benchmark scores

    So unless I'm blind we don't have a thread for these scores yet. Not totally sure which scores we should center on, the 1080 medium or maybe 8k optimized. Either way for now I will post the ones I have. 1080FTW icx 1080P High 1080P Extreme 4K Optimized 1080ti FE 1080P...

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