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    help me decide

    Yes I from Malaysia.
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    help me decide

    Thanks dude,that really good idea.I appreciate ur thought.
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    help me decide

    is it ok if i used my old asus gtx560 directcu for this build?would it bottleneck the performance?
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    help me decide

    thanks for the advice.can you tell me whats diffrent between asrock z77 extreme 4 and asus p8z77 v-lk..which one is better?
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    help me decide

    maybe from ncix or neweg.
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    help me decide

    so can u fill me in with $1000 budget parts?maybe i could use some ocing.
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    help me decide

    dang..i feel like my head will explode if i dont decide this thing quick. please help me decide..i gonna build this rig in 2 3 days time. i using this rig for online/offline gaming,playing hd movies,downloading.pretty much everything. or you all can point me the right parts.i not looking for...
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    Switching from AMD to Intel

    i7 2600k is a way for you since u doing 3d anime...if you already have gtx560 laying around,just use it.good luck
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    Advice on new gaming pc

    either 6950 or 560Ti both are good GPU its up to you how to OCed it.
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    Any audio engineers here? Need help with recording/editing PC build

    thats look like a good solid build for mid range rig...tell us what you feel with that build.good luck
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    first build

    pretty good for mid range..u should wait until new CPU come out.then decide.good luck.
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    Opinion on New System

    yup u will not notice at all x8 n x16 only buff a few frame rate...
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    My 3rd Build - contribute AT MAX!

    a lot of history there my friend...i5 2500k is nothing wrong to it,best for game and a good performance CPU no doubt about that..but i not sure bout the GPU seem like not fit in that picture,you should go for gtx 560 or 570..that will definately be a good combo.bang2.good luck
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    Re-upgraded the old lady :)

    nice build..how bout the performance is it kick ass!!
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    Any audio engineers here? Need help with recording/editing PC build

    so u are from malaysia...its hard to get silverstone raven 3 in malaysia..so anyway.i agreed with dragonstongue...i think u should go with intel design...AMD wont make for a long run..with intel you will have a better life spend on your cpu either stock fan or custom one(if overclocked need a...
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    New build, help please

    nice build..like everyone said you should get 750-850 watt psu.for future use.
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    At last........my spanking new build!!!!!! would love opinions and suggestions

    damn....thats really hot.better put more fan in your rig.
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    Newbie needs help with new build

    hmmm...either way its always have pros and con..just try it out and choose which better for you.
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    New Gaming PC for iRacing, etc

    yeah man..take it slow dont rush thing..everything will be just fine and great...good luck!!:punk:
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    New Gaming PC for iRacing, etc

    damn...i wish i have that kind of budget to build new rig.......that will surely put a big smile on my face for three years. tell us what you feel about your new system after you finish build it.

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