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  1. Sagath

    Image posting bug

    Currently any images will not post directly in threads, only text-links are working. Mods are aware and have notified the Admins.
  2. Sagath

    7700k Combo + 1070ti

    Selling a friends rig for him as hes moved to laptop based gaming; 7700k, Asus Z270-E, & 8gb 2666 HyperX Fury Given the 3300x ($180 CAD) is equal to the 7700k, plus the motherboard (150?) and RAM (50?), is $350 too rich? EVGA 1070ti SC Gaming (08g-p4-5671-kr) This falls in to performance...
  3. Sagath

    mATX case, smallest w/no frills.

    Currently have an office SFF system I scored for a steal of a deal for pFsense. Asus Q87 mATX board i5 4570 tfx 80+ gold psu 4 port intel NIC smaller than 15x13x4 (current case) Case it came with has an ODD & 2x 3.5 bays, but I dont need any of that, just a 2.5" ssd slot ideally. I want this...
  4. Sagath

    Zen 2 & RAM overclocking

    So with some downtime I finally got around to using the DRAM calculator mentioned in other threads here to try and tweak my system. 3900x Asus x570-E Gaming F4-3200C16D-16GTZR (Hynix AFR dies) I'm having a lot of difficulty, and reading on various forums it seems I really shouldn't be. Most...
  5. Sagath

    NAS, Pi, Networking fun

    With the downtime from our interesting predicament right now, I've been fiddling around quite a bit trying to learn some new network & basic pi/nas skills. Pi2B now running: Pi Hole (set up some time ago) piVPN (using Wireguard) for times I travel. DIY AirPrint (I'm really stoked about this, as...
  6. Sagath

    New TV speaker setup advise

    Looking at replacing an old Sony 5.1 setup thats being held together with ductape (literally) and isnt very friendly (read: is proprietary with speakers, which are whats busted). The wife is a fan of getting a 'soundbar' for space reasons, and she doesnt like the look of bookcase speakers up...
  7. Sagath

    Random temp spikes w/ Ryzen

    This is what I'm seeing when the CPU isnt under load. Device manager doesn't show anything using CPU intermittently...Nothing running out of the ordinary, Firefox/Spotify, back ground activities like steam... Is this a bug in Afterburner? Windows? Something else? A bad CPU cooler mount?
  8. Sagath

    USB 3.1 Type E uses?

    My x570 has a USB 3.1 type E port, which I understand is typically used for newer cases front panel connectors. My case (Define C) has the 'older' style 3.0 connector (the blue one). Is there another use I can apply to this? FD Doesnt make an upgraded front panel for the Define C, I checked...
  9. Sagath

    Asus Z370-e Gaming + 8700k

    ~$500? I want on the AMD bandwagon. :D
  10. Sagath

    EA + Steam. No, I'm not kidding.

    https://www.ea.com/en-gb/news/ea-and-valve-partnership I dont even know what to say right now.
  11. Sagath

    Shield TV 2017

    We changed up the house a bit, so the 2nd Shield I've had lingering around waiting for a home isnt required any more, and I'll just keep using my 2015 shield. Shield is new, never booted. I used the 2nd controller for a bit. Other than that its NIB. This is what they call the "Gaming Edition"...
  12. Sagath

    iPhone bootrom exploit

    This is literally the biggest hardware news of any sort in a long LONG time. It makes spectre/meltdown look like a joke. And it's really bad for Apple security. Buckle up buttercup. We're in for a wild ride over the next weeks and months.
  13. Sagath

    evga 1070ti sc

    08G-P4-5671-KR Mild/moderate use, I mean, I gamed with it, then relegated it to the work PC. Did overclock it. Didnt mine with it. I dont even remember where I bought it, may be a review copy from here? So probably no warranty. B-Stock has it for $389 USD. Ebay seems to be around ~400 CAD. Is...
  14. Sagath

    Amazon uses & stores your Alexa data for a set time period

    https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/07/amazon-confirms-it-keeps-your-alexa-recordings-basically-forever/ I know, shockedpikachu.jpg right? Sure, they tell you that you can edit/delete your data manually later...but can you really when they've already data mined it and used it? Edit...
  15. Sagath

    8700k + Asus z370-e

    Assuming the 15% intel cut comes through, what could I expect for this combo used? Searching MemEx, a 9700k is currently $500, so $425 post cut. Equivalent asus mobo is about 200. 625 retail on the combo...$500 on the forums here?
  16. Sagath

    Rumour: Canada Computer Ryzen 3 prices

    3900X - $679 3800X - $549 3700X - $449 3600X - $339 3600 - $279 I have this on very good authority from someone in the organization. It's obviously still subject to change, but this is a safe bet for release within $20 I would say.
  17. Sagath

    Calgary Victoria weekend meetup!

    Well, it looks like (unrelated to this post) a couple of us HWC'ers are going to get together this weekend, so thought we'd open it up into an (un)official Calgary meetup! Currently, no day set, as all of us are pritty flexible. Thinking Wildrose Brewery for a couple beers and good food...
  18. Sagath

    Metro Exodus

    Well. I was really hyped about this game, as I enjoyed the previous two. Just heard this news about exclusivity and have to say I'm not a happy camper. I didnt preorder on steam, and I wont touch Epic Launcher ever...
  19. Sagath

    Overprovisioning SSD's

    Considering I dont fill my SSD's ever to 100% capacity, is overprovisioning actually neccisary & beneficial on modern SSD's? It's my understanding modern controllers utilize any empty space on a SSD for write amplification & wear levelling nowadays..which makes me think as long as I have...
  20. Sagath

    RTX 2060 Review

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPGYC6ndZZU SKYMTL is really getting involved in these videos. Love this devil/angel cameo! :haha:

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