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    going from ati HD 4890 to gtx 560

    So consideiring this upgrade. A friend of mine sell his gtx 560. I play at 1900 x 1200. Currently I play Smite, Max Payne 3, BF3. Will play Total War Rome II, Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite. I know the gtx 560 can run them, but I wonder about the resolution I usually game on. edit; looking forwar...
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    Gaming upgrade

    Sup guys, been out of the game for some time, kinda lost in all the new CPUs. But it's time to upgrade my gaming rig. OFC my GPU need upgrade too, but, budget wise, i'll wait for it. Is this bundle worth it ? NCIX Bundle Deal Intel Core i5 3570K Quad Core Processor & Gigabyte Z77-HD4 ATX...
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    Ultra DMA CRC error count

    Hi again, my computer crashed two times lately with a boot disk failure error message on the reboot. So I tough the problem would be my caviar blue 320g, so i ran HD Tune. The smart is yellow on the Ultra DMA CRC error count (value of 200 current, 199 worst, 0 threshold, 162 data, warning...
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    Need external hdd enclosure for Caviar Black 1TB

    Hi all, I would like you to recommend me an external enclosure for my Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB. I will hook it to a WDTV Live. Thanks for the good advices.
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    Installing Win98SE on a sata machine

    Hi guys, Just as I'm thinking about moving to Windows 7, I need to install Win98 to a Acer Aspire AX1300. Unfortunately, I can't find sata drivers. So, I boot on the WIn98 boot cd, choose the installation option. Then it says that it can't load the cd-rom driver (cuz it's a ide driver and the...
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    Help for a weird build

    OK, a new problem, a new thread, SO, this time my mother wants a new computer cuz WinXP barely runs on her P3. It seems easy, but my mother wants.... a dual boot with Win98SE. She wants it, and i can't convice her to only use WinXP. So, is it possible to make a new build that runs win98? I...
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    Troubleshoothing my BSOD

    Hi all, on a HP pavillon m7570n wich came with windows xp media center edition, i installed a HD 4850 and a corsair HX520 watt. Now it does BSOD all the time. No idea why. The message doesn't say much exept that the computer crashed. I've tryed scan the memory with memtest 86+ v2.01, found no...
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    What USB dongle to use with Popcorn Hour A-110

    Hi everyone, I had no answer asking this in the networking forum, so I ask my question again in this forum. I would like to know wich usb wifi dongle will works with the popcorn hour a-110. It is not for streaming but for the storage and BT part of the machine. I plan to put my WD Black 1TB...
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    What USB dongle to use with Popcorn Hour A-110

    Hi everyone, I would like to know wich usb wifi dongle will works with the popcorn hour a-110. It is not for streaming but for the storage and BT part of the machine. I plan to put my WD Black 1TB drive inside the PH. THanks all
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    How to diagnose seagate 5400.3

    Hi everyone, My GF's pink inspiron 1525 got hitted by the floor :P Now her bios doesn't find the hdd anymore. So we've ordered a scorpio WD 320gb 7200 rpm. Problem solved. :) But, I would like, just for the fun of it, be able to hook the 5400.3 in my rig, to diagnose it (if possible). My bios...
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    Cannot understand those temps

    Hi, Here are my temps while folding on my 4890. Case closed with one Noctua S12 exhaust on the side panel CPU 50C CPU 71C Case opened (no side panel) CPU 45C GPU 70C Case Closed with no side panel fan CPU 47C GPU 71C Case closed with Noctua S12 input CPU 47C GPU 71C So why is the best...
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    is wc really silent?

    I'm reading all I can on watercooling these days. And I was wondering if wc was really silent? With all the fans ppl put on their rad. I mean 6 fan on a triple rad is no more silent than 6 fan on a case?
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    Changing sata connector = lost partition?

    Hi guys, this happened to me two times, just want to be sure if this is the way it is supposed to work and why. So I took my 2 internal hdd (samsung 160gb and 7200.10 320gb seagate) from my old rig and plugged them into my new rig. The 160gb had a windows install wich I wanted to format and...
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    Antec 300 modding or new case

    Hi all, I currently got a Antec 300. I'm fairly happy with it. Exept for one point. Anyone can guess wich one? Yes, cable management is pitiful (I have a tx750w, there is so many cables). So I'm currently seeing what I can do; and I want your inputs. I could do some case mod in my 300 so the...
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    9x445 vs 8x500

    What's better? 9x445 or 8x500? My ram is rated 1066mhz
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    HD 4870 1GB vs HD 4850 x2 2GB

    Hi everyone, This may seems obvious, but let me explain myself. I'm currently gaming on a HD 4850 512MB, E8400, 4GB DDR2, EP45-DS3L, 24" 1920x1200. The 4850 is just not powerful enough for my needs (I do play a lot of GTA IV these days). So I'm thinking about upgrading :) Should I; 1. get a...

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