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  1. Babrbarossa

    Review of my AW3420DW

    Saying you were surprised that there weren't any dead pixels etc... Did you happen to grab that single refurb that was on sale at bestbuy canada's website?
  2. Babrbarossa

    Rants etc.....

    It's becasue revenue Canada's EFILE is closed betweeen Jan 17 and Feb 24 for annual maintenance . BLAME CANADA ! BLAME CANADA !
  3. Babrbarossa

    Anyone else excited for RX 5950XT?

    Am I naive for being excited about AMD making a go for high end graphics again? I am still rocking an old r295x2 that I bought for $500 back in 2014 and have been waiting for a good excuse to upgrade for years - amazing that it's taken so long - so long, in fact that I probably need a whole...
  4. Babrbarossa

    deep fakes are getting cool!

    Ha! I just saw that 15 minutes ago - had a feeling that's what you were posting about.
  5. Babrbarossa


    Neat! Good to know that stuff is out there. Probably would do the trick nicely. Got any other broken controllers around? Because of my kids' reckless ways with their Xbox controllers, I now have six around the house and two of them are just for parts - I just cannibalize old controllers when...
  6. Babrbarossa

    MSI GL65 9SD

    It should be quite a bit faster but before you start unloading hardware, I would recommend having some extended gaming sessions on it with your favorite games. A lot of laptops are specced out for gaming but can't handle heat well enough for actual real-world gaming. You're probably ok but I...
  7. Babrbarossa

    want to cause a traffic jam? use a smartphone!

    You could also just use your smartphone while driving and cause an accident - that would work. Is that art now too?
  8. Babrbarossa

    The Happy thread!

    Yeah same here - my kids have been traumatized by accident more than once.
  9. Babrbarossa

    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    This looks interesting - Thanks! EDIT - LOL - just realized how old lowfats post was... :p I usually have posts arranged newest to oldest - backwards here at work.
  10. Babrbarossa

    Car advice? Durable, comfortable, 4wd

    if you add homely to that list of requirements, yeah, subaru is the most economical and reliable option for AWD cars and they have good resale. Avoid mitsubishi. I am looking forward to the 2021 RAV4 plugin-hybrid though - has enough electric miles to get me into town and back every day, with...
  11. Babrbarossa

    Want to Buy Coolermaster Stacker 4in3 cages

    I'll have a look at home - I used to have some
  12. Babrbarossa

    Wi-Fi 6 Router Recommendations.

    Seems to be a lot of new Wifi 6 networking products in the hopper right now, routers and mesh systems - I am waiting a few more months before I take the leap...
  13. Babrbarossa

    Need suggestions on how to network my home.

    https://shop-ca.mercku.com/products/mercku-m2-stand-alone-router Mercku having a 30% off sale on their kits right now.
  14. Babrbarossa

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Thanks - I do wish the predator had dropped the 2.5 bay and lengthened the battery - battery life is not super, i see. Ive been watching the youtube videos since I posted and they're glowing about the value though - used to avoid acer laptops... Also just realized it may be awkward using it in...
  15. Babrbarossa

    Tesla Truck ??? what do people think

    I'd buy it. I think people will get used to it. Current specs say it can go 400km while towing 7500 lbs - pretty goof if true....
  16. Babrbarossa

    Whats your latest purchase?

    I just spent two weeks obsessively shopping all the sales on laptops and catching up on new components and finally after watching so many decent sales come and go, I ended up paying regular price for one and it's giving me anxiety! Laptops are exhausting! I probably didn't end up with the best...
  17. Babrbarossa

    Which is the best keyboard to buy for gaming purpose?

    I haven't been keeping up on gaming keyboards lately but a couple of years ago I bought a razer blackwidow chroma keyboard and it drives me crazy with the clicky sound of the keyboard when I type. Before I bought it, I didn't realize that would be a concern for me but I wish I had shopped for...
  18. Babrbarossa

    The Happy thread!

    Jaysus - that's a long warranty coverage! I never even consider buying warranties on electronics - maybe I should.
  19. Babrbarossa

    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Illegitimi non carborundum
  20. Babrbarossa

    what salt & pepper mills do you use?

    https://www.amazon.ca/OXO-Good-Grips-2154200-Grinder/dp/B00F5MJCTS/ref=pd_cp_79_2?pd_rd_w=v9jLU&pf_rd_p=64a84aa4-b549-4445-9bf3-48bdeed5f24a&pf_rd_r=311GS6H21NY61YJGVDV8&pd_rd_r=beb6da60-862f-11e9-97ac-510cb5876d74&pd_rd_wg=H77aH&pd_rd_i=B00F5MJCTS&psc=1&refRID=311GS6H21NY61YJGVDV8 that one...