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    Audio with volume control/ Cat5

    I purchased a new home and I had the builder rought in three ceiling stereo speakers on main floor and two ceiling stereo speakers on second level which includes a volume control. All wires are run to my family room on main floor. I also noticed they ran Cat5 from volume control on my second...
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    Coaxial connectors

    I'm looking for coaxial connectors for my HDTV. I like the F connectors but should I purchase gold plated? Is it worth the extra dollars?
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    POE Switch?

    :punk:I'm looking to install in my home IP Cameras(4) and Volp phones(3), my question is do I need to purchase one switch. Or do I need 2 switches, one for IP cameras and one for Volp phones. Please help If you also have a diagram please let me know.
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    Networking Equipment

    I live in the Toronto area and I'm looking for a store or online that has great deals on networking equipment. Cat5E keystones to switch ports. I don't want to pay crazy shipping prices. WHo wants me help a newbie
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    Networking Equipment

    I purchased a new home and I ran Cat5E cable throughout the home.I ran 4 Cat5E(Future POE security cameras) and Cat5E to (Four bedrooms). I also want to run Cat6 to main level ( Possibly to 6 locations). The reason why Cat6 is I got a great deal online. I will be installing the proper keystones...
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    Security Cameras

    I have new build home and I so far installed Cat5E for security cameras ( 3 Locations indoor) and I dropped the wires to the basement. I also in future want to run 2 lines to outside as well. I have never purchased or have experience with a camera security system. What is the specs I should...
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    New home Mixing Cat5E with Cat6?

    I purchased a new home and ran one line of Cat5E cable to each of the 4 bedrooms before the drywall went up. I also ran Cat5E wire for future cameras, one on main floor hallway and one on second floor hallway. I dropped all the wires to the basement and separated the camera wire and internet...

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