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  1. GrumpyGeek

    New gaming build for FPS - CSGO and others

    Hello All, I am looking to build a new PC for FPS and maybe some WoW here is what i am going to buy so far. I am not sure what to get for CPU/MOBO/RAM/ any suggestions would be great. Keep in mind the case i am buying Storage: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Video Card: EVGA...
  2. GrumpyGeek


    anybody playing this game?.. It is pretty fun!
  3. GrumpyGeek

    Gaming Laptop $1000-$1200

    Hello HWC Members, I have been looking around for a gaming laptop for around 1000-1200 dollars as the title says. I have always built a computer for gaming purposes. I recently had a child, she is 7 months now but i just don't have the time to go into a room and shut the door and game. I would...
  4. GrumpyGeek

    Some what new build

    Hello HWC, In the next couple of weeks i am looking to build a new computer for gaming. I will be using some old parts from my last rig. The only part that i am not sure about is the CPU. Here are the games i play: 1. World of Warcraft 2. Diablo 3. 3. CS: GO Here are the component i have so...
  5. GrumpyGeek

    I am between 2 monitors

    Hello HWC I am between 2 monitors. Both are Benq. No i know one of these monitors is way better than the other. They are both 27". What i will be doing with them - only gaming casually. Mostly WoW and D3 and some FPS. The monitors are...
  6. GrumpyGeek

    New Mobile Gaming Build

    Hello All, I am looking to build a new gaming computer in a Corsair Air 240. I am just wondering what a decent mITX board is. I dont want spend alot but just looking for something with a 1150 socket that can have one GTX 760 Thanks GG
  7. GrumpyGeek

    New Keyboard

    Hello HWC, So i currently have a Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid with blue switches. My computer room is right next to my babies room and believe it or not the switches are waking the baby. I need some suggestion of something alittle bit more quiet. Also i do miss the number pad. Thanks GG
  8. GrumpyGeek

    Computer post then reboots

    Hello HWC.. I have removed everything but the CPU, motherboard and PSU. I have tired another PSU and it did the samething. Now it has to be the CPU or motherboard. I am just wondering if like reseating the CPU would do anything or is one of them fired. thanks GG
  9. GrumpyGeek

    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

    Releases November 13th. Is anybody going to play?
  10. GrumpyGeek

    CPU for File Server

    Hello, I was just wondering if this CPU would be decent for a file server and plex AMD Athlon II X2 250 Thanks Scott
  11. GrumpyGeek

    Computer is rebooting

    Hello HWC, A friend who is about 3 hours from me is having problems. His computer is rebooting continually before the bios screen any idea's?
  12. GrumpyGeek

    GTX 760

    Hello I am looking for a GTX 760 with a mini DP. I am looking to go as cheap as i can.. Please, any suggestions are great! Thanks GrumpyGeek
  13. GrumpyGeek

    World of Warcraft

    Hello HWC, With WOD pending this year and how good it looks I have been thinking about coming back to wow just on a casual basis. I was just wondering if anybody here still plays and what it is currently like? I haven't played since late 2011. If you are playing what server do you play on? Are...
  14. GrumpyGeek

    What sound card should i get?

    Hello, I had a creative sound blaster fatality and it just died on me. I am not sure what one to get. I have had this one for the last 4 yrs. What do u recommended?
  15. GrumpyGeek

    What browser do you use? why?

    Hey, I have been using chrome for the last year but have been having some trouble with it. Thinking about going to firefox. Just wondering what everybody uses and why
  16. GrumpyGeek

    What other computer forums do u read?

    I know this has probably done before but i couldn't seem to find anything on it. Just wondering what other computer forum ppl find good or interesting?
  17. GrumpyGeek

    Your favorite switches?

    What Switches do you prefer and why? I want to get a keyboard. I have always used blues and everybody is saying brown. It is for my gaming computer
  18. GrumpyGeek

    What to upgrade?

    Hello HWCs, I just have a quick question. I have a 2500K and a 6950 2GB. I believe, correct me if i am wrong but the 2500K is still a decent CPU for gaming. If I were to update my GPU, I would get the best performance boost for games like BF4, COD:Ghost, The new wow expansion, wildstar and so...
  19. GrumpyGeek

    What computer desk should i get?

    Hello HWC. I believe that i am going to get myself a computer desk for Christmas. I am not sure what to get. I currently have a desk that i find is to high and i am not able to sit back in my chair and my back hurts quite fast. Please make some suggestions. Thanks GG
  20. GrumpyGeek

    Looking to upgrade keyboard

    hello HWC, I currently have steelseries 6gv2. I am looking for something preferable with blue switches. I was thinking about Logitech G710+ but it has brown switches. I am open at looking at any brand. Thanks for your suggestions Cheers! Grumpy

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