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    Does everything look alright with my OC?

    I ran Prime 95 for an hour and I didn't run into any issues. To make sure I'll run it again tonight. Here are some screenies. Is there anything I can do to optimize it more or to get more out of it? I couldn't push it past 3.8 without BSODing. Also, how is my voltage? Is it safe for a mid-long...
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    C&C Classics for free!

    Command & Conquer Classic | Command & Conquer :clap:
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    Eyefinity Benches with differenct CPU's

    Hey everyone. I'm thinking about going Eyefinity in the future and would like to know how my 955 BE would fair. Does anyone know where I can find some benchmarks of different CPU's running an Eyefinity setup. I've googled long and hard and cannot find anything. I'm mostly concerned about my CPU...
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    "Screeching PSU"

    Hey. Ever Since I switched Cases and put my new PSU in (Seasonic M12D 850W) there has been a screech coming out of it. From about 5-10 feet away it's barely audible (this is when the computer is turned off) but when I put my ear up to it I can definitely hear it. I can turn the PSU switch to off...
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    Best FREE video recording software?

    Hey it's me again. I know about the free version of FRAPS but I hear that it has lots of crapware that comes with it. Should I just bite the bullet and pay for the full version of it or is there free stuff out there that compares? I think this is the right place to put this:whistle: Thanks...
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    Favourite iPhone/iPod Apps

    Some of mine are Tap Tap, Truphone, Google Earth and Nike + which is handy when I go running. What are some of your favourite apps?
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    standoffs stuck on motherboard

    So I'm switching to a HAF 932 now and on my MB there is standoffs attached to screws. I got a few off but some others seem to be stuck so I can't install my MB just yet. Any ideas on how to get them off OR can I somehow install it with them on? thanks
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    HAF 932 Upgrade

    Hey everyone. Well, I just got my HAF 932 today so of course I got right to changing cases. About half way through removing the parts from my old case I thought to myself why not make a worklog? So here it is.This is my first major thing I have ever did so I might take a while :haha:. Pics soon...
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    Another Baffling Question

    Hi again everyone! This time I have another question. What kind of adapter do I need to connect my netbook NCIX.com - Buy ASUS Eee PC 1005HA Premium Crystal Black Intel Atom 1GB 160G 10IN 1024X600 WLAN BT Webcam XP Netbook - 1005HA-PU1X-BK In Canada. to my monitor NCIX.com - Buy Acer X233H 23IN...
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    Help me rebuild my new rig

    So my current rig is this : GTX 275, Phenom X4 955, 4GB Corsair 1333, OCZ Stealthstream 500W, GA-MA770t, and some crappy Raidmax case. I'm looking to get the 5870x2 when it comes out so what I'm upgrading will be the power supply and the case (I also want to get a good HS for the 955 since it's...
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    What phone should I get?

    I couldn't find anywhere to post this. So I think this is the right place :haha: I'm thinking of getting a blackberry, but I don't know which one. All I'd want in one would be texting, some surfing, facebook and maybe the odd youtube video. I'm limited to only 2 providers since that's all they...
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    Help me buy my netbook

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a good netbook. My current budget is around $400-500 anything more than 500 is a little too much for me. All I'm really looking for in one is general browsing and maybe some old low demand games, nothing too fancy. Good battery life is a bonus too. Here is what my...
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    GTX 275 showing up as 1650 MB instead of 896 MB

    Anyone know why it shows up as this?
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    Is my PSU shot?

    My computer keep constanly freezing and I think I know why. When I go into the bios and go to PC health status it say 3.3V FAIL. Sometimes I can go an hour or so without freezing but that's it. So my question is how do I fix it and if I can't which part is causing this. Thanks.
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    Can my 500W PSU run a gtx275

    Currently I have a Antec 500W PSU. Could it run a GTX 275? Although the minimum requirements for it say a 550W PSU could I get by on a 500?
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    Need help with my custom built PC

    First of all I have a 1000$ budget (Canadian). So my question is what's the best computer I can get built for 1000$ (I'm getting it built for free I just need to say what I want) All I want to do is game no graphic design or anything fancy like that. So yea, if anyone knows any good sites or can...
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    Multiple processors question

    Sorry if this is extremely obvious but I'm a noob LOL. If I have a dual core processor at 2.2 Ghz does that mean each processor is 2.2 Ghz making it overall 4.4Ghz? And also in gaming is a dual core a lot better than a single?
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    Is this a good computer for gaming?

    staples.ca/ENG/Catalog/cat_sku.asp?Catlds=73%2C74,381&webid=780853&affixedcode=WW It is all as 1 link just copy and paste it. Could it run a game like world of warcraft smoothly with NO lag? Far Cry 2? I just want to play games. Also is the price good for it? Price is Canadian $.