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    Rampage Extreme III Booting Problems

    Motherboard could be shorted to your case
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    New Build for the next gen

    If you want 3D, the new ATI 79XX are good cards
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    Physical Memory 90% - WTF?

    Yeah, I would just add another 4 GB of Ram. I have 16 in mine. RAM is so cheap.
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    Parallel to USB cable question

    Cool, that helps me with a similar issue
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    Want to Buy WTB: GTX 780Ti

    Still looking for a 5870? I recently upgraded to the 79XX, and I'm looking to off load mine. It's an XFX 5870. It's about a year and a half old. It has never been overclocked, or modded in any way. It's been well taken care of, and has never had a single issue. Email me, and we can work...