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  1. BrianHanna

    replacing 6850 crossfire with hd 7870xt?

    Hey guys, My xfx 6850s have worked well in the past. Unfortunately after only 2.5 years of constant use the fans are starting to die. The noise in one fan is so loud I had to remove it out of the PC since the squeaking could be heard from a floor below and above my room. I'm supposed to have...
  2. BrianHanna

    Futureshops replacement plan is total shit now?

    I used to work at futureshop, and i remember that the replacement plan had you simply walk into the store to replace the product. Now you have to jump through all these ******* hoops in order for them to ship you a gift card. You need to wait 7-10 days for them to ship you a mailing label...
  3. BrianHanna

    Steam trade thread?

    games i'm looking for guardians of Graxia, Swords and soldiers, dungeons of dredmor. Fair trades, basically looking for games that can contribute to steam contest, or comparable value (2.5 or less on sale)
  4. BrianHanna

    Time to upgrade?

    My drive isn't too old, maybe 3 years old. Still runs fast, and the health looks good. Anyways, when i bought this drive, it cost me like 150 dollars lol, but space has become an issue with it, and i have no idea what to remove from it in order to make space, removing office would kind of suck...
  5. BrianHanna

    windows live movie maker does not open

    Kind of annoying. i've uninstalled it, reinstalled etc. It just does not open
  6. BrianHanna

    I love Colbert and Fallon!

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Stephen Colbert Sings 'Friday' with The Roots (4/1/11) - Video - NBC.com most epic music video ever
  7. BrianHanna

    omg, how do i make a website!

    No idea it would be this hard! Im trying to make a website through Joomla with forums and such, and omg, my brain wants to explode does anyone have any tips?! I really just want a simple layout, and forums i can moderate easily. I dont need anything super fancy (would like stuff like youtube...
  8. BrianHanna

    White only scholarship

    SO this group started a scholarship fund for poor white men who have a gpa of 3.0. Seems fine to me, and i mean they're scholarships for many ethnic groups etc. What are your thoughts on this, im watching CNN right now (im starting to hate this channel), and of course they have this woman...
  9. BrianHanna

    Crysis 2 demo.

    Wow, this is awful. I cant even to get it to run on "gamer" settings at over 20fps. Not only that, but the suit has been dumbed down so much.
  10. BrianHanna


    Bulletstorm's latest trailer doesn't care whether or not you're ready for 'the boom' | Joystiq is anyone else looking forward to this game? reminds me very much of quake
  11. BrianHanna

    Something wrong with my lab manual?

    Don't know if anyone here has done chem in university, but im looking at my lab manual and i am pretty terrified at what i see. im supposed to make a tris-HCl buffer, using concentrated (12.1M HCl stock solution), i had to do all the calculations to determine how much of w/e i needed. But the...
  12. BrianHanna

    Rogers sucks

    For internet and cable. Which company do you use in the toronto area? can't use a dish, since we can't put one up.
  13. BrianHanna

    port forwarding?

    how exactly does this work? The problem im currently having is related to utorrent and WoW. whenever i, or my brothers use utorrent, WoW completely stops working, so i updated my wrt54g firmware, and went to port forwarding. this however didnt work. is there anyway to prevent utorrent...
  14. BrianHanna

    Retrieving a WOW account, when other person knows Secret answer?

    Ok, long story short, i didn't "sell" my wow account, i was jibbed and lost my account in a trade gone bad (i know i'm retarded), the other person knows the secret answer to my account. here's my question, is there anyways to retrieve my account? I have cd-keys for expansions, not original...
  15. BrianHanna

    best method to study?

    so, what do you find is the best study method for you?
  16. BrianHanna

    anyone want to trade games? R.U.S.E. for?

    I bought some parts a couple weeks ago from ncix, and i got a Coupon Code for a free copy of UbiSoft's R.U.S.E. not sure i want an RTS right now. sooooooo... if anyone wants it, i would be willing to trade it for bc2 Vietnam and the specact dlc on steam? or if anyone has any extra of a game...
  17. BrianHanna

    Bad company 2 vip map pack 7!?

  18. BrianHanna

    computer doesn't sleep

    problem after problem since upgrading to i7. Now, when i set the computer to sleep it won't actually fall asleep (well it does, but all the fans and led's stay on), the monitor does go black, and the HD does turn off, and pressing the power button makes it wake instantly. but it won't turn off!
  19. BrianHanna

    what settings for prime95?

    After battling with it for a while, i finally got my computer to boot with the following settings so, how long should i run prime95, and at what settings ( figure at least 12 hours, but i'm not sure about the settings)
  20. BrianHanna

    No monitor output till i get to login screen.

    I turn on the computer, and i'm only getting a display on my monitor when it reaches the login screen. it's just black for like 10 seconds, then out of nowhere, login screen