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  1. Sniper

    Want to Buy Q9550 asap

    I have a friend on the hunt for a Q9550 ASAP so if anyone is contemplating getting an i7 set up & wants to sell your old cpu off please let me know thx.
  2. Sniper

    Want to Sell Tribal Overkill spiral center res

    I had this set up it works. Burnt my pump out I picked up off here on it to lol. Selling to go towards my build if I get what I'm asking then fine if not I keep it price will not be lowered as these are rare as hens teeth ha. $150 ono Some better pics so you can see it.
  3. Sniper

    Want to Buy Desperate plea for 9 Vid card spring screws for 9800GTX+

    As the title states. I've looked everywhere for some of the factory spring screws for this card & can't find any anywhere close/handy to me. Here's the story. I got the card from Ronedogg a month old with a fusion water block on it & the stock cooler. He neglected to include the stock screws &...
  4. Sniper

    Want to Sell How not to respond to a Mod while breaking a buy&sell rule

    This will give Charlie a hard on so let him delete this shit then.
  5. Sniper

    lol fried pump action.

    So I had my pump running with my TO res only to see the center turning for shits & giggles. It's all set up & running on my desk then I smell smoke. I was like wtf! I look over & the pump is smoking from the base lol. Somehow water got into the base of it & fried the pump? No idea how or...
  6. Sniper

    Crimp tools!

    Anyone know if this crimp tool will work for what we need it for on computers? The Source By Circuit City : Miscellaneous Tools - PHONE INSTALLATION TOOL
  7. Sniper

    Want to Sell Rads, pumps, blocks, vid cards, water cooling extravaganza ect.

    Fix your on-going issues, then we'll see if you can deal again here. John, 3.0charlie
  8. Sniper

    [DEAD] Evga gtx280 sc

    EVGA e-GeForce GTX 280 SC Graphics Card - 01G-P3-1282-AR - Buy.com
  9. Sniper

    Want to Sell X-Fi Extreme Gamer

    I forgot about this. I had it sold & the buyer never paid so I guess I can put it back up for sale! $60 firm is what I want for it shipped.
  10. Sniper

    Congrats Brewer! Way to go dude!

    Nice win for sure dude! Ultimate NCIX.com SLI Sweepstakes Enter NCIX.com SLI Sweepstakes and win TWO GTX 260 Video cards and a copy of Dead Space! Get 1 additional entry every $10 spent until December 12th. NVIDIA SLI Sweepstakes Prize...
  11. Sniper

    Post your Fav Hardware shots!

    Maybe if it isn't to much a mod could sticky this so the WC PC thread doesn't get highjacked to bad? My contribution lol!
  12. Sniper

    Want to Buy White DVD/RW Drive

    Looking for a white drive for my setup. Prefer new if possible. Willing to trade anything I have for sale on the board or a Swiftech mcr120 rad for it as well. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/buy-sell-trade/12530-samsung-ext-dvd-drive-mcr220-rad.html...
  13. Sniper

    Can't use fan controller find me something I can use internally please!

    Ok in my H2g0 I have no room in the front bays for a fan controller & very little room throught the case itself. Find me something cost effective that I can use to link all my fans together with or on instead of linking them all together horrible with the molexes. I plan to cut off the molex...
  14. Sniper

    Looking for some form of fan shroud/spacer

    I'm getting to much back pressure from my fans being to close to my rads so I need at least something 3/4" thick to space away from the rad for better efficiency. Anyone suggest somehting not to costly that's easy to make/buy lol.
  15. Sniper

    Had Santa ever answered honestly. lol

    Deer Santa, I wud like a kool toy space ranjur fer Xmas. I'v ben a gud boy all yeer. Yer Friend, Billy Dear Billy, Nice spelling. You're on your way to a career in lawn care. How about I send you a book so you can learn to read and...
  16. Sniper

    Winter Blond!

    WINTER BLOND As a trucker stops for a red light, a blond catches up. She jumps out of her car, runs up to his truck, & knocks on the door. The trucker lowers the window, & she says "Hi, my name is Heather & you're losing some of your load." The trucker ignores her & proceeds down the...
  17. Sniper

    Just a little praise to NCIX

    Even though we put up with back ordered parts & slow UPS shipping I have to say Amen to price matching! They deserve the praise for that alone without a doubt! :punk: NCIX! :bananafunky::canadianwave::thumb:
  18. Sniper

    Sleaving kits

    Wasn't to sure where to put this but I was wondering if anyone knew the difference between these to sleaving kits from NCIX? I have them both price matched to $10 off just wasn't sure which to go for? NCIX.com - Buy Mod Smart Professional Power Supply & System Sleeving Kit - UV Blue - SKIT2-UVB...
  19. Sniper

    Want to Buy PA 120.2 asap

    PA 120.2 asap Fusion V1 So looks like NCIX is out of these again go figure! Anyone have a mint one they want to sell? I'm also looking for a Fusion V1 for a reasonable price also. Thx all & Have a great holiday season!
  20. Sniper

    Need a new digi cam

    Looking for a cheap but good digi cam anyone know any spectacular deals on any & what's good for the price? Best bang for buck preferred of course. Not wanting to spend alot of money on it but needs to take a damn fine pic! lol