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  1. Pelt

    Want to Sell SOLD

    Looks like I'm late to the sell your 1080ti party. If you're a member of HWC than you know what this card is and what it can do. I have good feedback as a buyer and seller and I will ship next day after payment with tracking from Canada Post. Price is $850 and includes shipping so if you missed...
  2. Pelt

    Advice on Jailbreaking an Ipad Air

    My son has an older Ipad that he wants to Jailbreak. He's a pretty smart kid and loves messing around with basic programming and building computers and I think he wants to do this just because he wants to see how its' done. Unfortunately all the jailbreaking programs he's found require you to...
  3. Pelt

    Want to Sell Sold Refurbished NIB OCZ RevoDrive 3 PCI 240GB SSD

    Would you like to own a brand new blazing fast SSD for you rig. Of course you would. Recently my old RevoDrive quit unexpectedly as hard drives do sometime and I sent it back to OCZ for replacement. Say what you will about OCZ they are fast on RMA's, sent the busted drive in on Friday last week...
  4. Pelt

    H100i firmware update stuck?

    Hi folks just installed the new Corsair H100i, great cooler, doesn't quite fit my Corsair 500R (not enough room to mount fans inside case, had to mount outside) and 3 out of 8 bolt holes came pre-stripped, yeah! But that is not my problem, I went to update the Corsair link firmware about an hour...
  5. Pelt

    Console gaming is dying? Well CNN thinks so.

    It seems like just a few months ago we were debating the future of PC gaming. Thoughts? Why console gaming is dying - CNN.com
  6. Pelt

    Homeless Veterans in Canada, please help.

    If you've got the time please visit the Veterans Emergency Transition Services website and make a donation or buy one of their patches or t-shirts to support their worthy cause. a They accept Canadian Tire money by mail so if you've got some of that lying around that would be great. V.E.T.S is...
  7. Pelt

    Strange pink squares at low Res with GTX 260

    So heres my promblem. I took advantage of Steams recent sale to pick up Civ IV a great blast from the past. The problem is that when I went to play the game the screen that came up was full of pink purplish squares. I figured the game didn't support my native screen resoulution of 1920 x 1200...
  8. Pelt

    Direct to Drive one day only Medal of Honour half price!!!!

    So yesterday morning I decided to buy Medal of Honour Tier 1. I've been waiting for it to go on sale on Steam, but yesterday I was getting impatient and had nothing new to play in awhile. My wife said go ahead get your game if you want it will be part of your christmas gifts. Then she said 'but...
  9. Pelt

    Sony VIAO support.....questionable.

    So a few months back I had a strange problem with my Sony VIAO laptop, it won't come out of hibernation mode properly. Basically I couldn't wake it up and no amount of restarting would solve the problem. So I called support and they we're nice and somewhat knowledgeable but couldn't help me with...
  10. Pelt

    TechNet cuts number of activations

    Neowin.net - Microsoft quietly cuts down TechNet subscribers' product keys Did a quick search of the forums didn't see this mentioned anywhere. Thought those who have a TechNet subscribtion would like to know.
  11. Pelt

    Trendnet TEW-671BR dual band router can't see second network.

    So I recently purchased a new router. It is a Trendnet TEW 671BR dual channel. It is supposed to be able to run two networks one at 2.4GHZ the other at 5 GHZ. I followed the setup wizard which led me through the process of setting up a wireless network and I followed the same steps for both...
  12. Pelt

    Want to Sell SOLD!!XFX Radeon HD5850 HD58XZAFC. SOLD!!

    I'm selling my much loved but sadly under used HD5850. This is a wicked card. There are hardly any games I've played that I can't play on max settings. My intent was to eventually Crossfire this card with another 5850 but seeing as how I rarely get to play video games (stupid work) I figured I'd...
  13. Pelt

    Score 1 for Apple and the Ipod touch! Tough little sucker.

    So I've spent the last 2 days looking for my 3rd generation Ipod touch, which I assumed one of the kids had borrowed to play Angry Birds. I searched high and low grilled the kids mercilessly but still no Ipod. This was really upsetting me because I've taken up runnings and was using the Nike +...
  14. Pelt

    How to tell which card is reference design?

    In the market for an ATI 5800 series card. Looking at the 5870 but I'm confused by the model numbers. It seems that the non-ref designs are slightly cheaper so that is one way to tell. The reason why I would prefer a reference model is I intend to use after market cooling. On another note. I've...
  15. Pelt

    Build completed with a little help from my friends

    Well here it is the finished project that couldn't have happened without the good people if HWC! Here is a group shot of the gear donated by some of the members. This computer went to a deserving family, those who helped know the details. Thanks to all the emails and PM's from folks supporting...
  16. Pelt

    Yet another AMD 1090T build (No Pics yet)

    So I wasn't going to upgrade this year, but the money faires have been good to me the last few months and I decided it was time for a change. This started as a simple MOBO and Processor upgrade, but it kind of snow balled, lol. Nothings been delivered yet but it should here next week. Here's...
  17. Pelt

    Looking for donations to help a poor sailor.

    Alright let me start off by saying this build is not for me. I have a young sailor in my section who is a bit down on his luck lately. As a new sailor doesn't make good money and his recent divorce forced him into bankruptcy. To top it all off he is raising his 2 children alone. Because of his...
  18. Pelt

    Empire Total war D2D 10.50!

    If you've ever wanted to buy Empire Total War but sat on the fence because of the cost well Direct to Drive has it on sale for 10.50. And for all you Steam lovers, myself included you can activate the D2D code on Steam and have the game downloaded with Steam instead of D2D download manager.
  19. Pelt

    Extra set of Hyperglide mouse skates for review

    Last year I made a comment about Hyperglide mouse skates in another thread, my comment was that they were not a recommended buy because they wore out to quickly. Recently I re-ordered another set of Hyperglide skates because I can't find G9 replacement mouse feet anwhere else. The other reason...