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    Problem getting started.

    Hey guys, just setting up to fold and ive got the client running in the tray for my gpu (gtx 680) but its not running any WU's. i5-2500k Z68 ud3h mobo Stock 680 win 7 ultimate 64bit is there anything i need to set up further and/or configure properly? Also any logs i can post to help find the...
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    [Micro center]3570k $190 USD

    Micro Center - Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4GHz LGA 1155 Processor 407627 get in quick i suppose
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    How to not fry all your USB devices!

    After plugging in all internal USB headers, unplug them and check that you didnt put on in a firewire (IE1394) port, unless you like the smell of electrical smoke.
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    Oh AMD user, why u so new?

    Found this on the interwebs, and yes, yes he was srs. "AMD FX6100 Black Edition 6 Core @ 3.3GHZ Never Been Overclocked 3.3GHZ×6 Cores=19.8GHZ!!!!!! " /quit life.
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    Latency issues - Z68x UD3H-B3

    Hey guys, ive been kind of dissapointed with my new mobo, my latency has gone up by ~30 to a point where its almost unplayable, >200ms, my old mobo was an asus m4n 68t-m2 which was just running an athlon x2 which seemed to pull decent enough ping. Ive used the DMZ host to forward to my pc...
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    Graphics card upside down

    Graphics card upside down, no im sure this question has been asked many times and i just havent picked up on it, but why are they upside down?
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    Gk110 for gtx 700 series cards?

    Wondering if anybodies heard anything about this, unless they release a 685 then i presume theyr saving the gk110 for next series, its abviously way ahead of anything AMDs got so maybe theyr already working on the next architexture and will just pop the gk110 on the production line for next...
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    Galaxy gtx 680 driver download

    Ok so the driver download link is broken, is it possible to run EVGA drivers for this card? i mean its reference but arent the drivers all nvidia anyway? and will EVGAs overclock utility work for me? Thanks guys
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    Want to Trade GTX 670, mailed to NZ all cost covered by me

    the 670 i will buy, as im in New Zealand it will be crazy expensive here, ill be looking for some one to send one to me from canada/US, is there anyone ineterested in me paying you $40 + covering all costs to send me one? ( would be looking for a third party which i would also pay $20 to keep...
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    H60 noise

    So I just got my new build up n running, stress tested the cpu, full load @4.2ghz on a 2500k and hitting max temps of 45 C (room temp 16 C), which as far as im concerned are outstanding for an h60 in push-pull, as an exhaust no less (correct me if im wrong). So no problems there. The problem...
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    570, 580 or 680?

    Hello all, As you can all see im new here and looking for more qualified opinions on what to do for my gaming build. So my budget is roughly $550 (just for my gfx card). Now i play bf3 and all that so any card will definately be used although im only running 1080p so vrams not a huge thing...