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    Want to Buy Cheap DDR4 ram

    Tell me what you got and let's make a deal. minimum 8GB
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    Want to Sell nothing

    Good Day So I've got a few items for sale. You can buy with confidence from me , my track record is impeccable - I know several members on HWC. I ONLY accept EMT as form of payment - unless you're local Shipping will be with Canada Post unless the buyer requests a different carrier. I...
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    Destiny 2 free right now

    Destiny 2 is free right now on battle.net to own forever , limited time only.
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    Next Nvidia flagship GPU to be announced at Gamescom 2018

    https://www.cnet.com/news/gtx-1180-nvidia-promises-spectacular-surprises-at-gamescom-2018/ So it's looking like we'll be seeing the 1180 ( allegedly it's name) at Gamescom 2018 . And then today the PCB was leaked : https://videocardz.com/76953/nvidia-geforce-gtx-2080-1180-pcb-has-been-leaked
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    Battlefield V

    So it looks like we're getting a teaser trailer a week from now ( May 23rd) Rumors are that it's set during WWII because of the name BFV) What's people's opinion on here about yet another battlefield game ? Personally I hope they go back to their roots ( 1942/BF2) and bring back some of...
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    Sea of Thieves

    Anyone been following this game at all ? It's made by Rare studios (yes the same studio that made Goldeneye/Perfect Dark/ Banjo Kazooie. They're owned by microsoft now tho. They're currently going through a closed beta for the next few days so the big streamers on twitch are playing it quite a...
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    Need some help overclocking ram

    So I just discovered that I'm running my ram at waaaay below the advertised speed. in CPU-Z SPD, collum #4 is showing XMP-3200 Frequency : 1600 MHz then in the memory tab my DRAM is at 1070MHz. So I went into my bios and tried turning on XMP. I get a black screen after I restart the computer...
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    Want to Sell Nothing for now

    X-58 bundle sold to Tc11.
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    Recommended high quality 27 inch monitor

    So I just got a pair of Audioengine A5 and... I don't have the space on my desk... ya I know first world problem. I'm looking at downsizing the 30 inch to a 27 and mount it on an arm vertically. I'm looking for a high quality 27 inch monitor that's at least 1440p or 4k . Any suggestions ?
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    Want to Buy 500 GB SSD

    looking for a 500 GB SSD , pm me if you have anything for sale. :ph34r:
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    Galaxy S6 locked to Telus

    It's my first time buying a phone out so I'm putting up my S6 for sale soon. It's locked to the Telus network but otherwise in great shape, I've always had it in an otterbox. How much could I realistically yield from it ?
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    Want to Sell Galaxy S6 32GB 300$ OBO

    I have a Galaxy S6 for sale, it is locked to Telus but I'm sure that someone with the know how could unlock it pretty easily. Price : 300$ OBO Shipping : Anywhere in Canada ( I'm flexible for shipping cost) Payment method : EMT ONLY.
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    Galaxy S8

    Anyone pre order one of those yet ? Just pre ordered through NCIX.
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    Playerunknown's battlegrounds

    Didn't see any thread about this game so I figured I'd start one. Anyone try it yet ? I bought it last week and I've been having a blast playing coop with some friends. The game is currently in EA so expect lag , bug and performance issues but I'm loving the concept so far.
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    EVGA GTX 980ti

    With the imminent release of the 1080ti I'm looking at putting my gpu up for sale. Would 375 to 400 be a fair assessment ?
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    Initial GTX 1080 ti specs leaked

    Leaked specs show that Nvidia's GTX 1080 Ti has the Titan X factor | TechRadar Grain of salt of course but interesting to see them opting out of GDDR5X for GDDR5 if any of it is true. Maybe they wanna try to avoid the last debacle with the Titan and the 980ti which ended up being faster. I'll...
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    Anyone have experience with monitor arms ?

    So I have 2 Dell monitors side by side, 1 ultrawide 34 inch and one 30 inch. I'd like to put the 30 inch above the 34 inch using dual arm mount setup. Anyone have any ideas how I would go about doing that ?
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    RT-N56U vs RT-AC3200

    So I currently have the N56U and I'm having issues with range in the house. Would an AC3200 make that much of a difference ? What about the AC3100 ?
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    Corsair 1000HX fan going

    so the fan on my Corsair PSU is going. Is there any way that I could swamp it with a regular 120mm fan or is it more specific than that ? Am I SOL ? Thanks
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    Corsair M65 VS Razer Deathadder Chroma

    So I'm shopping for a new mouse.. and I'm torn between those 2. I have used the deathadder before and I like it. The big drawback from the Corsair is where that stupid red button is placed.. I feel like I would hit it constantly. Any advice ? Thanks