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  1. xbournex

    BitFenix End User Review Giveaway!

    BitFenix Raider Mid Tower Case Review - YouTube Hi Guys! Just recently, Hardware Canucks reviewed the BitFenix Raider. I'd like to give 2 people the opportunity to test and review one of these Raiders out as well! We've gotten a couple of gold awards out there and we (most importantly!) would...
  2. xbournex

    BitFenix announces the Raider!

    Product Announcement Product Info FULL SIZED PICTURES BitFenix Raider Guided Tour - YouTube If you have any questions about this case, post here or go HERE to ask a question. :thumb:
  3. xbournex

    BitFenix Support/Discussion Thread!

    Hey guys! You might have seen me at a couple of different forums. If not, I'm a BitFenix forum rep :) If you guys got any questions regarding our products, or you just want to show off your new gear, post them up here. Most importantly, if you've got feedback, let us know. We take it seriously...