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  1. misterd

    new vehicle security sucks

    Where did you get the bags? Curious
  2. misterd

    Want to Buy Noctua Intel Mounting Kit - NM-i115x

    Hoping somebody that went AMD has the Intel mounting parts for a 1150 socket and doesn't want a fortune for them. You can get these free from Noctua if you can get all the receipts to lineup. I can't find mine.
  3. misterd

    Bragging a little, but hey!

    Somebody has probably done a lot of them already. So I've heard, maybe not the stuff from 40 years ago, but a lot of the recent stuff
  4. misterd

    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Haven't posted here (or anywhere) in a minute. Just watched the 1st season of Hunters on Prime Video, which was entertaining. Also into Man in the High Castle (started it a while back and now find myself watching more TV) Will be reading this thread to get some more suggestions.
  5. misterd

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    I've been playing this since launch day. This game makes me believe again in Early Access, however as stated above it's pretty demanding on a GPU.
  6. misterd

    Corsair cable compatibility

    DON'T USE A CABLE FROM ANOTHER PSU They're not always made by the same OEM before getting a Corsair sticker on it. You could luck out, or you could ruin components. Their support is awesome. I told them I dropped my 600T side panel and wanted to buy new latches. They sent me an (at the time)...
  7. misterd

    Steam Account issues?

    I guess I just learned that not everyone has multiple accounts. I have 4 that I use for family & LAN parties, adding duplicate games that I already own on my main account. That being said I'd hate to lose access to any of them, since it sounds like it takes forever to get one back. Good luck!
  8. misterd

    CPU for File Server

    Home file server? Sure. Plex depends on the source you're transcoding doesn't it?
  9. misterd

    Should I get a 3TB or 4TB HDD? Are they reliable?

    4x 3TB WD Reds in a QNAP RAID5 array. So far so good. 3x 3TB WD Reds at home. Haven't tested 2 of the 3. 5x 1TB WD Blacks from the HWC contest I won ~5 years ago. No issues when I last tested any of them. 4x 2TB Hitachi 7K3000 in a QNAP RAID5 array. Almost 25000 hours of usuge. No SMART...
  10. misterd

    Why does my CD/DVD drive makes weird noise and can't be detected

    Rufus + Digital River MS ISO = USB stick for installing Windows. I wouldn't know what to do with a coaster err optical disc anymore.
  11. misterd

    Advanced format on old RAID card

    What RAID card are you using now? I'm in the same boat with my PERC5i, but i'm probably going to bite the bullet and keep that going for a backup array.
  12. misterd

    Android app to share files on LAN?

    +1 for ES File Explorer it's always worked great for my needs.
  13. misterd

    eVGA GTX690

    http://products.ncix.com/detail/evga-geforce-gtx-690-915mhz-c1-71219-1398.htm Thoughts? Hasn't been folded on. Comes from a non-smoking house, and includes the box and all accessories.
  14. misterd

    Halloween! Costumes, Ideas and General OT

    Definitely my favourite time too - more so when we had a ~200 year old house to have a party in. My gf would easily spend 40+ hours on making costumes for us. I was always just a model :ph34r: Here's a bunch from the past years.
  15. misterd


    Cables On Sale - Speaker Wire, Audio, Video and Network, Cables, Adapters, Connectors and Accessories is a Canadian reseller of Monoprice. Prices are decent imo and no customs BS. I've used them a few times through work.
  16. misterd

    Completed Servers home lab

    LOL. I wonder what work would say if I rolled up with that to install in the colo.
  17. misterd

    Completed Servers home lab

    Looks good. Seems like everyone is all over those C6100 for VM stuff. Need to start saving for one of my own.
  18. misterd

    Are YOU a native (or natif) "Canuck"

    That's back pretty far. I know some of your distant relatives. haha My father is Canadian, my mother is Finnish.
  19. misterd

    Want to Buy SNES -- FOUND

    Further to that, they have a new device coming out soon that plays many different types of games. RetroN 5 and the uncomfortable tension between old and new | Joystiq This one has HDMI output and bunch of random other good stuff. I still have a NES/SNES/N64/GC but i'm going to buy one of...
  20. misterd

    Post your age!

    34 in a few weeks.