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  1. bissa

    Red or Red Pro for storage array

    Well that's promising. I guess I'll go with the Reds and save.
  2. bissa

    Samsung's Fastest SSD Reads at a Face-Melting 2,500 MBps

    Which PCI-e adaptor are you using? My dad has one for his 950 but he's only able to push up to around 1400-1500 read.
  3. bissa

    Red or Red Pro for storage array

    Hello, I'm looking at building a storage system in the Fractal Node 804 and I was looking at the reds because they are fairly good drives for relatively cheap. But I noticed on one of the NCIX question threads that the reason they recommend the Red Pros for anything over 8 is because the Pros...
  4. bissa

    Microsoft announces Windows 10

    Hmm. I might hold off longer than I was planning to see how it goes. Hopefully someone puts some time into testing the two or three OSs to confirm or deny the claims.
  5. bissa

    Microsoft announces Windows 10

    Someone said that windows 10 was faster than windows 8 but slower than windows 7. I thought windows 8 was really fast because of lowered resource requirements? Or was the lowered resource requirements the cause of everything running slower? The resource use was something I was interested in...
  6. bissa

    Microsoft announces Windows 10

    Windows 10 is releasing on July 29th Anyone planning to be a first day adopter?
  7. bissa

    WD 4TB SE drive running into massive latency

    I just realized that I can just move all of the VM files except for the VHD onto a 256 or 512GB SSD. The VHD read/write doesn't seem to be too crippling and can go on high capacity spinning rust, and then I can offload the IOps onto the SSD that is better designed for high IOps but with low...
  8. bissa

    WD 4TB SE drive running into massive latency

    yeah, I pretty much cap out at 3-4 VMs running at once. I'm planning on putting an ESXI host together eventually, but for now my computer hosts it alright other than the IO issue. For my desktop I'm waiting for Windows 10 to come out before I move off 7 to see which one I want to use. So as...
  9. bissa

    WD 4TB SE drive running into massive latency

    Because I have about 40 VMs that I use as test beds. I would have to move them on and off of a small one. I'm almost out of room in my computer and SATA ports on my motherboard. I found something that may help with the issue, it seems that after suspending the vmem file would be pushing...
  10. bissa

    WD 4TB SE drive running into massive latency

    I am tempted to get an SSD, but I would need to drop a little over a grand if I wanted to do that. There's a reason I wanted the 4TB drive over a 1TB SSD.
  11. bissa

    WD 4TB SE drive running into massive latency

    I'm trying to defrag one of them now. I can't find any tools for the Se for upgrading the SE's firmware.
  12. bissa

    WD 4TB SE drive running into massive latency

    the reason I think it's related to the hard drive is because I didn't have any issues until I upgraded from a WD 1TB black to the SE. The number of VMs doesn't seen to impact the high latency on suspend. The VMs vary in RAM from 1GB up to 6GB, any combination of number of VMs and amount of...
  13. bissa

    WD 4TB SE drive running into massive latency

    Currently I'm running a few VMs off of a single 4TB drive (I know they're supposed to be in RAID) and when I try to put them to sleep, I need to essentially stop using my computer for about 30 minutes because almost any file I try to interact with will have upwards of 3 seconds of access...
  14. bissa

    Desk Design build, i need a new desk

    When my old desktop was wearing out, my dad put this together for me in about 3 hours and with about $30 in construction grade lumber. He planed down the top side, and ran it through once for the bottom. we then stained it for th look it has now. Other than it drying out and cracking near...
  15. bissa

    Volkswagen’s New 300 MPG Car Not Allowed In America Because It Is Too Efficient

    VAG is the Volkswagen Auto Group. There are a ton of very well known car makers that are a part of it.
  16. bissa

    Best RAID for write/read?

    Be careful with RAID 5 and 6. There is a fair amount of processing overhead for creating the parity. RAID 10 would probably be your best bet. you get halved your data capacity which is unfortunate, but you have almost no overhead, and you get a lot of data redundancy. I've seen the effect of...
  17. bissa

    Noctua now makes SEXY FANS!

    yeah, I'm not fond of most of the modern "gamer" cases, but the fractal design cases are awesome for being plain doesn't draw attention cases, while still being a solid build and nice to work in.
  18. bissa

    mid-size car shopping - 15k budget

    That's pretty nice mileage (I think, I don't know the size of the tank). My dads golf TDI gets about 1-1.2k off of a 50L fill. That drops to about 600-1k if it's mostly city driving. What did she have against diesel? the TDI has (maybe had, it was from 2003) better emissions than the gas...
  19. bissa

    Sony lied- Watch Dogs won’t be 1080p or 60fps on PS4

    pretty much my thought too. that and 792P. what the hell resolutions are these?
  20. bissa

    Android VNC client

    well, I was going through the apps on play store, and I came across something called jump desktop. turns out it's pretty much a digital robbery. only way to get it to work is to install their debatable functional butchered version of VNC.

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