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  1. bissa

    Red or Red Pro for storage array

    Hello, I'm looking at building a storage system in the Fractal Node 804 and I was looking at the reds because they are fairly good drives for relatively cheap. But I noticed on one of the NCIX question threads that the reason they recommend the Red Pros for anything over 8 is because the Pros...
  2. bissa

    WD 4TB SE drive running into massive latency

    Currently I'm running a few VMs off of a single 4TB drive (I know they're supposed to be in RAID) and when I try to put them to sleep, I need to essentially stop using my computer for about 30 minutes because almost any file I try to interact with will have upwards of 3 seconds of access...
  3. bissa

    Android VNC client

    I've been beating my head against google trying to find something, but so far I have been unsuccessful. I'm looking for a VNC client capable of connecting and showing a multiple monitor setup. The closest I've gotten were a few comments on the bVNC app saying that the multi monitor support...
  4. bissa

    Which card/s

    I'm looking at moving up in my graphics setup. I currently have 2 1080P monitors, I want to move up to 3, as well as upgrade my graphics capability. I won't be running games across multiple screens, but I frequently watch HD movies one one screen, while gaming on the other. With this 3...
  5. bissa

    Computer refuses to stay awake

    I've been fighting with my computer. It keeps setting sleep to be 1 hour after I've disabled sleep everywhere I can find it. I've checked the EUFI, I've checked the settings, I've looked for any programs that could be doing it. Nothing seems to show what is doing this, but then every week or so...
  6. bissa

    Video card options

    Okay, so if you haven't seen the other thread I have up, I'm looking at getting a video card to pair with my current 560ti. In that thread, I was asking if it's safe to mix Nvidea and ATI. So now that I've had it "confirmed" that it will work, I came to the conclusion that I should get an...
  7. bissa

    mixing brands

    I've recently gotten into crypto mining, and I'm doing alright with my 560ti, but that's about it, alright. I've been looking at the R9 270X as it seems to be a pretty good sweet spot for performance to price, but I don't really want to just outright ditch the 560ti since it's worked well so...
  8. bissa

    Usability of WD SE drives standalone

    I'm looking at getting some new hard drives. I want to be able to use at least one of them for running Virtual Machines and games off of, so I was looking at the WD blacks when I saw the SE series was about the same cost for the volume. I took a look at some benchmarks, and it seems that the...
  9. bissa

    wireless card sutting out.

    I've recently started using the wireless on my Asus Z87-Expert, and it works quite well, but it will disconnect frequently between 30 and 90 minutes. I have the newest drivers, I've tested with my phone, and it stays connected throughout the disconnects, the antenna is connected securely and is...
  10. bissa

    under the dome, is everyone incompetent?

    now that it's finished, I'm watching the show, and something occurred to me. why the hell has nobody either on the inside or outside come up with the idea of making a light communication system? I mean, it might be slower than some networks, but it would allow much faster text communication then...
  11. bissa

    find the broken thing

    I've been having my computer blue screen repeatedly over the past few days, and I'd pretty much determined that it was the video card memory that was causing it. so I ran a graphic card memory test to see if it was, and I got several thousand memory errors. but then my dad suggested that we...
  12. bissa

    GPU fitting issue

    my 560TI is starting to show serious problems with the memory, so I'm looking at upgrading. it seems like the gigabyte windforce 760 and the twin frozr 4 760 are pretty good options, but both are just a tiny bit too long for the specified max length for my case (fractal design define R3...
  13. bissa

    Asus 4-Way Optimization

    I watched a video on how it's supposed to work, and it sounds like it runs until it crashes, and then works from there. but whenever I run it, it gets to about 4.5 and just shuts down windows. any ideas why this happens? I'd like to get it to run as well as possible, but this seems like it's...
  14. bissa

    NCIX messed up?

    the NCIX website seems to be messed up right now. the sorting options for the various sub categories seem to be mostly missing and almost consistently incorrect.
  15. bissa

    rooting I9100M with 4.1.2

    since I get the update, I've been looking for a way to root. it. I've only managed to find one guide, and it doesn't work as the file given is not identified. has anyone managed to do it? if so is there a guide you used or could you make a short guide?
  16. bissa

    I'm done!! (not a rant)

    so I graduated from collage/university (I'm not sure what it should be called) today. finished the final course with 76%. not as high as I would like it to be, but not scraping by either. has been a bit of a mixed trip on the way, but I learned a ton, and am ready to get out into an...
  17. bissa

    can you sew?

    simple enough question, are you able to sew? if so, is it just doing it by hand, or are you able to use sewing machines? and here's a bit of a more non-Politically correct question (I think), if you know a man can sew, what do you think of that? do you think it's more of a womans type skill, or...
  18. bissa

    installing busybox on an unrooted phone?

    I want to install busybox on my S2, but I don't want to root the phone. does anyone know if this is possible? I found a guide where you can install a homebrew version of it, but I want to install the version that people are familiar with.
  19. bissa

    Help with a project

    for a school project, we are making a VM for another student to inspect to try and discover information about the computer. in this project, we've been told to do what we can to mess with the other student that's inspecting the computer. one of the thing we need to do is install some programs...
  20. bissa

    Galaxy S2 vibrate function

    I normally keep my phone just on vibrate so it's not disturbing if I leave it on in class. however, since I get the S2, I find the vibrate to be incredibly weak. I barely notice it when I'm just sitting still, and it's quite impossible to notice if I'm walking or biking anywhere. I tried chomp...

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